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    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    lol the 50/50 shinies could be made to not be able to be traded over wifi? cuase lots of people want shinies but are unable to get becuase of others high prices.
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    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    i dont want to see them remove the red gyrados..... or the 50/50 chance of breeding shinies, they could make it so only shinies caught in hg/ss could have the 50/50 breeding chance and i dont not want to see the removal of kanto
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    .:Hidden items around Sinnoh:.

    nice thread, first post woot um theres a odd keystone hidden in twinleaf town, u fly to twin leaf town, walk 8 spaces west then walk 6 south, surf and then keep going south and face the tree and press A if its not there then surf 1 spot west and face tree's and try agian. good luck guys im...
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    [WIYPN] - What is Your Player Name?

    my charaters name is DRAKE (male) in diamond, its Fox (female) in my pearl and when i get my platnium (tommorow hopefully if it comes out in australia tommorow) itll be Lorica (female) and its DRAKE in emerald and its Becky in ruby and its Caleb in sapphire and its Red in red and its Blue in...
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    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    guys i got this of the GTS and i want to check it. Pokemon: Lugia Nickname: in jap OT:Jap OT Gender: blue ID: 01387 EVs (if known/estimated): none its UT IVs (if known/calculated): idk Nature: Brave Characteristic: Quick to Flee Ability: Pressure Moves: psycho boost, featherdance...
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    What starter will you choose?

    i choose piplup in diamond and i regret it, ill go with chimchar (there aint enough fire types till after the elite four) and ill trade a turtwig and a piplup over to it
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    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    like the other guy said, it could be cuase of the tweaking glitch, so would serebii allow me to trade if the other person new that it "might" be hacked?
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    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    since theres alot of debate on my shiny darkrai do you think serebii would allow me to trade on the forums? i got a darkrai From the GTS and im not sure if its legal or not, its a different darkrai Name: Darkrai OT: KENNY OT Gender: Blue ID: 23769 EVs: Unknown IVs: Unknown...
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    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    i got a Shiny darkrai From the GTS and im not sure if its legal or not, i traded a lvl 100 normal Milotic for it, its had pokerus Name: Darkrai OT: Pia OT Gender: Red ID: 54542 EVs: Unknown IVs: Unknown Nature: Lonely Characteristic: Likes To run Ability: Bad Dreams Moves: thunderbolt...
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    What are You Going to do Different?

    im going to keep "other" moves in my move set instead of what im used to, all moves that are ones that hit damage, oh and i will trade pokemon to it for certain gyms and i might not "rush" through as i did in my diamond and pearl. it took me 19 hours to finish the elite 4 and get a lvl 100 in...
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    Do you have any regrets on D/P?

    mine was buying pearl (i had diamond) and trading good pokemon from diamond to pearl then lost pearl while cleaning up the house :( it had 4 boxs of shinies that came from diamond! oh also lost my emerald in the same time and lost tonnes of shinies and abilitiy to clone and give for little to...
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    Favorite swarm shinies!

    my fav would be a shiny beldum becuase i was hunting beldums and came across a shiny! it was addy and had 31 in att and sp att iv's
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    What do you breed?

    starters and other high demand pokemon
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    Essentials in your bag!

    mine would be hyper potions, pokeballs (all types) and max repels!
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    Gender Race!!!!

    491 hey i own noobs if u agree then lets own together :P
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    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    i traded my lvl 100 crobat (cloned and rare candied using emerald glitch) for it it hasjust under half beuty sheen and almost max cool sheen and its dated dec 17 2006 when i got it i thought it was fishy cuase its nature and stats (got on GTC) Nickname:in japenese OT:in japenese OT Gender...