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    U-turning Subway Singles Team

    Go with Mixmence. Salamence @ Life Orb/Lum Berry Intimidate Naive EVs: 252 Att / 4 SAtk / 252 Spd <--- Might wanna do some calcs and tweak them a bit Moves: - Draco Meteor - Dragon Dance - Dragon Claw/Outrage - Earthquake Draco Meteor is a powerful Special Attack for physical walls, which need...
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    OU Threat Index

    Scizor Scizor, although it has powerful sweeping abilites, is easily countered. It is stopped in the tracks by many common F/W/G cores as they often carry Jellicent and/or Heatran. Heatran is sit hard by superpower or brick break though, which makes a switch in risky, but most varities odf...
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    Air Ballon? Screw that, I have Zapdos!

    Go with a subroost + Toxic stall Zapdos :D Zapdos @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure EVs: 192 HP / 64 Def / 252 Speed Nature: Timid - Toxic - Substitute - Roost - Thunderbolt/Heat Wave/Hidden Power Ice
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    Sure, what do ya want??

    Sure, what do ya want??
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    Ok thanks. And I'm opening an art shop soon, so I won't be active enough, especially since it...

    Ok thanks. And I'm opening an art shop soon, so I won't be active enough, especially since it revolves heavily around battling
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    Team DeoChi! (OU RMT)

    Yeah, ND's right about the celebi. @ Garchompmaster: I replaced Blissey with celebi anyway
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    Team DeoChi! (OU RMT)

    What's the point changing 5 pokemon, when I can just changed one. Maybe they haven't updated the database yet, but there was a post in their forums saying it was Uber. It definetly is. I'll find you a link later on.
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    Team DeoChi! (OU RMT)

    @ Zachamc: That is a fair point, why didn't I think of that. The reason I didn't go with Fire Blast is because Magnezone handles steel types nicely. I think I'll go with Focus Blast, that eliminates the one steel type magnezone can't handle: Heatran. @ Eagle hawk: I tried Infernape before...
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    Candlelight Graphics

    I would like a Userbar Style 3 from Mew's Universe: Pokémon : Munchlax Animated Pokémon ( only one ) : Munchlax Pokémon Position: Right Background Colors: Yellow Text: Supporter of Triple Z's Userbar shop. It's Awesome! Details: That will be all. Thanks :)
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    Rain stall peak #12 PO DW OU

    I wouldn't reccomend this. As 3.14 said, the team is slightly dark weak anyway, this wouldn't help.
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    Team DeoChi! (OU RMT)

    Deoxys-S has been banned, that's the point :( I'm gonna run some calcs, and, unless I miscalculated, Landorus needs a SAtk of 324 to guarantee a OHKO on the standard Gliscor, which means 232 SAtk EVs, so that'll be little speed investment. I'm thinking perhaps running Hydreigon. I would run...
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    Found You! art shop

    Images: Backgroud: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs26/f/2008/121/e/4/Cloud_Vortex_by_randomgypsy.png (Cool Vortex Thing) Image on Banner: http://t3ak.roblox.com/05e68bec78ae7de6f400352bd3f2ad6a (Munchlax!) Text: Triple Z's Userbar Shop! Rawr! Colours: None other than the ones that the images...
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    The most annoying tactic you've faced

    Endeavour arons aren't really a problem, all it takes is a ghost type or stealth rock or any hazard to render it useless.
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    Team DeoChi! (OU RMT)

    Nah, ferrothorn wouldn't really benefit this team. I need a strong revenge killer to replace Deoxys-S. Naive Scarf Landorus with HP Ice seems the best way to go, but I'm not sure if he can even OHKO Gliscor with HP Ice. Oh and I do prefer Blissey over Chansey, but I'll give chansey a go :)
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    advent calander 2011 thread

    What? There's a crossword thing? I don't suppose someone could send me a link?
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    Rain stall peak #12 PO DW OU

    Well, if you want immediate recovery then replace wish with toxic/protect/thunder wave. My point is that you don't need 2 recovery moves Sounds like SubDisable Gengar is perfect. Substitute blocks spore, and it can disable Seed Bomb, making Breloom useless against it
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    Rain stall peak #12 PO DW OU

    Welcome back to sppf, great team ya got there! The only things I'd add are that two recovery moves on Chansey is just silly, I'd drop softboiled for protect (couples nicely with wish). You could put toxic, I suppose, but thanks to Tentacruel's Toxic Spikes, I don't think that's stictly...
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    Community POTW #49

    Hmmm... A tricky one this week. How about: Zebstrika @ Life Orb Ligtning Rod Naive EVs: 252 Att / 8 SAtk / 244 Spd Moves: - Wild Charge - Return - Overheat - Volt Switch/Thunderbolt/Double Kick So this was the best I could do. Switch in to an electric attack to gain an impressive 542 SpAtk...
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    Pokemon that could be great but it type makes it bad

    Yeah, Gyarados's Flying typing doesn't do it many favours. True: it gives it an immunity to EQ and makes grass do only neutral damage but with that comes a weakness to SR, rock types and x4 weakness to electric attacks. Maybe if it had a decent Flying STAB it'd be OK, but the only one it gets is...
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    Sacred Dojo vs. Sheer Force Resurgence

    Why do I always arrive too late... :(