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    Challenger Leaderboard

    Sig says I got 4 badges.
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    Gym #4 Ground

    Beat Guy. Good game.
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    Pokemon Masterclass Version II

    2 flinches. He wins. <_<
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    Pokemon Masterclass Version II

    I'll sub I guess. Danny or John to win it.
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    Gym #6 Bug

    Fun game, Lily.
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    Gym #2 Ghost

    GG Sam. :]
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    Gym #5 Poison

    Good game, Connor.
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    Trash Can Thread

    Forum name: Aerial FC: 1333 - 1949 - 0637 Timezone: GMT-6
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    Pokemon Masterclass

    Aerial vs Iggly = Aerial 3-0 No hax at all IIRC. Great game, Iggly!
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    Pokemon Masterclass

    I beat assassinsceptile 3-0. I got a flinch at the start. ;-; Good game.
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    Pokemon Masterclass

    Ran at 5-2. He had a Latias on his team. Still a good game. =)
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    Pokemon Masterclass

    It seems my opponent and I live in different timezones. Or we're just on at the wrong times. Hopefully we'll still find a way to get our battle done.
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    Pokemon Masterclass

    I would like to join. Fc: 1333-1949-0637
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    Rmt :D

    I beat this team. ;D