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    Something Unusual Happened in a Max Raid Battle

    Something strange happened during a Max Raid battle. I was up against a Pyukumuku and I had Eternatus out. Now, this Pyukumuku used Toxic on the player with a Solrock, which got poisoned. At that point, I didn't think much of it. However, later in the battle, it used Toxic on my Eternatus...
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    So, what DOES make a Pokemon Legendary?

    So, if you go to the following website, there is a quiz from Pokemon Company International. If you take it, you find that Pheromosa, an Ultra Beast, is NOT a Legendary. https://www.pokemonlegendary.com/en-us/legendary-pokemon/ So now that we have definitive proof that Ultra Beasts aren't...
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    Help me describe a Pokemon

    Okay, so I'm busy making a story. In it, it's the future and Max from the Pokemon Advanced series has become a Gym Leader and his dad is trying out for the Elite 4. Now, in the story, I chose to give Max a Breloom. (Same Shroomish he befriended back then.) However, I got as far as this...