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    European Releases For Wii and DS

    Ouch. Looks like European Smash Bros. fans just got 2008'ed.
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    Should i get a wii?

    I'd rather buy a console that actually has games on it worth playing than one that has none at all. Besides, you can get it repaired for free.
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    Should i get a wii?

    Buy if you like Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and Smash Bros because that's all the Wii really has. If Nintendo games aren't really your thing then buy a 360. It great graphics, great online, and a great lineup. Ideally though you'll want to own both a 360 and a Wii, and a PS3 as well if you have...
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    The NEW Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    Looking good, but is all this information really necessary? That is what the official site is for, and pretty much everyone who will be posting in this thread checks the site every weekday for updates.
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    Check Mii Out Channel

    Pretty much tied in uselessness with Everybody Votes Channel IMO.
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    Wii Accessories

    I know, that's why I said a game "I want to buy."
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    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    Obviously a must buy for any DS owner. I'm slowly working my way through ALttP again which has gotten me hyped for this game.
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    Wii Accessories

    The only one of the three I'll be getting is the Wii Wheel because it's packaged with Mario Kart. The Zapper looks cool but I won't be dropping 20 bucks on it unless it comes packaged with a game I want to buy. Wii Fit doesn't even deserve to be talked abo- oh crap.
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    Microsoft E3 Media Summit Conference

    I thought that the conference was pretty disappointing. The Halo 3 trailer was nice, but I was really hoping for a price drop. I'll still be buying a 360 very soon (two weeks), but if I could have bought it for even 50 bucks cheaper I would have been very happy.
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    Mario Galaxy

    http://www.gametrailers.com/player/21649.html ^This is a six minute demonstration of one of the levels of the game, and it's one of the best videos of the game IMO. Check it out. Super Mario Galaxy is still my most anticipated game of 2007 and continues to blow me away. Seeing this new footage...
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    XD Birds for trade!!

    Deal. I'll add you and get on Wi-Fi.
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    XD Birds for trade!!

    No. I have an extra Choice Band, Life Orb, and Leftovers though.
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    XD Birds for trade!!

    Not really. I can always attach items to them, but it seems that you're not interested.
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    XD Birds for trade!!

    I also have: Impish Rhyhorns with Stealth Rock and Stone Edge. A Bold Feebas with Mirror Coat A Dratini with Dragon Dance.
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    XD Birds for trade!!

    I'll check what egg move Pokemon I have then. I know I have an Adamant Ice Punch and Pursuit Sneasel, and Adamant Crunch Riolus though. EDIT: The Riolus have Cross Chop and Blaze Kick as well. EDIT 2: I'm not sure if it counts as an event Pokemon, but I have a Manaphy as well.
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    XD Birds for trade!!

    I'm interested in the Zapdos. Is there anything you're looking for besides event Pokemon? I have starters, rare and uncommon Pokemon, and many items and TMs.
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    IV Battle

    You clearly don't know what an IV battle is for. Pokemon bred at the daycare are always level one. Having an IV battle makes them all level 100, so that when you do check the IVs they are the exact number, and not an estimation.
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    Changes for Trading Forum

    Sounds good to me. If I want a battle I have no choice but to go to gamefaqs. Now that won't be a problem. Speaking of gamefaqs, if you want a trading center busier than a market square in Cairo, go there. Even with 50 topics per page the oldest topics are no more than three minutes old. With...
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    A new Shaymin Glitch!!!!

    I've been trying to tweak in Canalave but I'm having trouble because there's so little space.
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    A new Shaymin Glitch!!!!

    Well what file type is it? The help section on Youtube says that most cell phones use one of those four formats.