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    I need help finding someone. :(

    A while back, I was member, and I remember there was a user I was fan of. I can remember NOTHING about their name, or profile, excpet he/she was obsessed(sp?) with Grovyle and how much Sceptile fails, and made a flying alternate evolution of Grovyle. I want to ask them something, so if anybody...
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    plz rate!

    I always thought my Emerald team sucked. Could you rate it? Bwak/Blaziken Lv. 100 Gentle Nature Blaze (duh) Leftovers Hp 323, Atk 299, Def 165, Sp Atk 271, Sp Def 192, Spd 227 Blaze Kick Sky Uppercut Slash Ember (For weaker ones.) Wolf/Mightyena Lv. 75 Jolly Nature Intimidate...