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    The Funniest Pic

    This is a game where you have to show me the funniest pic. In no more than two days, I will post the winner, and then he will judge the next one, and etc. etc. etc. Have fun!!
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    The Price of Peace (Rated M for violence and mature content)

    I've taken some advice and finally made a good Avatar fan fic (hopefully...) ***** The Price of Peace Summary – Sozin’s War has ended. Five years since the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, the survivors work toward peace. But diplomacy and progress is threatened by the internal strife of the...
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    The Teen Titans Fan Club!

    The Teen Titans Fan Club! News 10/25- Teen Titans Go #36 in stores ("Troy" Celebrate the debut of an all-new Titan with a special; Cover by the cartoon series' producer and character designer, Glen Murakami! When there's trouble, you know who to call? But who does Robin call when the...
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    Flannery's Strange Request Shop

    SHOP IS CURRENTLY:OPEN! I can make: 1.Trainer cards form:Name - Trainer - Pokemon - Pokemon behind trainer(optional) - Badges - Background - 2.Siamese Pokemon form:Pokemon - 3.Recolors form:Pokemon - Colors- 5.PokeEggs form:Pokemon - Parts of the Pokemon -...
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    Kingdom hearts-"A New Journey"

    This comic is continuing off of the secret movie and mickys letter at the end of Kingdom Hearts II. Here's the preview: Preview P.S, sorry about the white, i messed up a rikus hair and didnt want to fix it. To make it bigger, press the button on the bottom, it should appear sooner or later...
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    i need a paint.net turial and something else!!

    how do i get a downloaded font onto Word?
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    An Avatar Fanfic-The Lost People

    continued off of "secret of the fire nation" Prologe They've done it. The Fire Nation destroyed Ba-Sing-Se. Even after all the planning, Aang and the others fail to stop the Drill. The Fire Nation becomes nearly invincible. Sokka and Katara leave to go back to the Southern Water...
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    Flannery Lover's Pokemon Shop!

    SHOP IS CURRENTLY:OPEN! I can make: 1.trainer cards form:maker-Ask for who you want to make it. Name- Trainer Sprite- Pokemon Behind Trainer(optional)- Pokemon- Badges- Background(optional)- Favorite Type(optional)- Card color(optional)- 2.Siamese Pokemon...