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    Diamond/Pearl Help Thread (Deluxe Edition - READ FIRST POST BEFORE YOU POST)

    Yep. Big Root increases the amount of HP gained by draining moves by 30%. If your Torterra is holding the Big Root Item, then yes It will gain back more HP with leech seed. Note that this item only increases the amount of HP gained when using draining moves and not the damage inflicted on the...
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    *scratch, scratch* Confusion about BUG BITE

    Hey guy, It's been a while. Hope this is the right spot to post, but i was wondering about the move Bug Bite. I know its a physical bug move of power 60, and i know it removes the opponents berry [and uses it if applicable], However,...while surfing around poke-sites like serebii, smogon...
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    If there was one Move Tutor move you wanted in Platinum...

    I'd want Whirlpool as a tutor move =D Lol i know its super weak, but it would help my Marill as a parishtrapper xD
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    Old Chateau

    holy crap! i just got goose bumps when i read the first post about the girl actually existing! i knew i saw a girl in the old chateau! Sent shivers down my spine when i couldn't find her again and none of the friends i was playin through the game with at the time believed me XD. i didn't know...
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    How Many Eggs Have You Hatched?

    601 eggs hatched xD
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    MYSTRY Mews

    Hi Hoboman, check ur PM
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    what is pokerus?

    i have a charazard if ur trading geodude. http://serebii.net/games/pokerus.shtml
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    Looking For Event Pokemon Have Shinies

    i have WISHMAKR jurachi. what natures r the eevees?
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    lots of rakqiu (thunder legendary dog)

    okay, i can give u phione =3
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    Mew,Celebi,Lugia,Deoxys + more, Shiny Hunting!

    whats the nature/gender of milotic and the nature of deoxys?
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    Got events? Want SHINIES? Come to my shop,please!^_^

    i have him and pkrus already too^^0 im only interested in mewtwo please in addition to the taros, im also trying to get a poliwhirl for u too as we speak. please tell me what u'd want for mewtwo. im really like to get one
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    Got events? Want SHINIES? Come to my shop,please!^_^

    i have a marshtomp already ^^0 Mewtwo is unlimited right? is there anything else u want for your mewtwo?
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    Got events? Want SHINIES? Come to my shop,please!^_^

    can i have a mewtwo? i have a taros or u can tell me what else ud like
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    I have a Shiny Tentacool i dont really want

    u want shinies only?
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    DITTO Swap

    okay im back; thread open again I'm Still Lookin' For a Modest Natured Ditto
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    DITTO Swap

    hey guys. Im lookin for a Modest Nature Ditto i can swap you one of the following nature'd ditto in return Calm Adamant Serious Lax Ready, set, go
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    Alright, i just added ur info May Meetcha in Trade
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    totodile. unless u want a chikorita egg
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    squritle plz
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    Who wants to Trade?

    alright, meetcha there