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    Gyarados@Modest,Leftovers -Surf -DragonBreath -WaterFall -Crunch Jolteon@Jolly,LifeOrb -Thunder -VoltTackle -ShockWave -ThunderFang Ditto@Impish,LumBerry -Transform - - - Charmander@Modest,Everstone -FlameThrower -Ember -FireFang -FireSpin Squirtle@Impish -HydroPump...
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    i need to find out what #122 on diamond is. can someone help me?;munchlax;;292;
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    rate my iTeam

    This team is all special, ( sept for Cress knows Reflect and Blissey is a Bold Nature ), and is purely meant to show that I like special sweepers more then pysical. Alakazam Name: iSweep Nature:Modest Item:WiseGlasses 252 Sp.Atk/252 Speed/6 HP Psychic EnergyBall ShadowBall ChargeBeam...
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    New Member of SPPF, new team

    Well I'm new to these forums, although I have been reading here for a while, and I wanna see whats up with the RMT. Lets see.... Gyarados@Adamant;Leftovers 24 Attack/248 Speed/200 HP/ 38 Defense -WaterFall -Earthquake -Taunt -DragonDance Tauntrabulkygyara...