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    Best & Worst Songs of 2008

    I know this year hasn't ended yet, but still which songs did you like and which songs did you hate the most?
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    Best & Worst TV Shows

    What TV shows do you like and dislike the most?
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    Paul: Overview

    What do you think of Paul so far?
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    In recent dub episodes of Pokemon Battle Dimension, I keep hearing familiar voices from 4kids such as Dan Green, Bella Hudson and just recently Mike Pollock. But I can't find any evidence. Why is that?
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    Team Galactic

    There's something that troubles me about Team Galactic. From what I've found out, their purpose is to seemingly destroy the world. Could it be that Team Galactic is more alien than human?
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    Worst movies ever

    I don't know if there's already thread talking about this but which movies do you really hate the most?
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    Team Rocket

    I don't know if any of you have noticed but since PUSA took control of the show, Team Rocket began saying things they wouldn't normally say in the 4Kids dub. Is this true?
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    Pokemon Ranger Dub Dispute

    In the prevous dub season (Battle Frontier) I didn't quite get the Pokemon Ranger Hinata's dub name. Was it Solana or Salana? Can someone please clear this out for me?
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    fav Transformers anime

    I understand many of you didn't like the recent Transformers anime shows, but still which one of them do you like the most?
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    Misty Returning?

    I keep hearing rumours that Misty will be making an appearance in the D/P saga. Are these rumours true?
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    Best Gym Leader in the Jotho Region

    I know that most of you disliked the Jotho saga, but still which gym leader in that region is your fav?
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    Thoughts about Paul

    I understand that Paul (Shinji) has only appeared in two of the three first episodes of the D/P dub, but what are your thoughts about him? To me, even though he's a very formidable rival of Ash, Paul is a typical jerk who has no respect for Pokemon in general and especially Ash & Co.
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    dub Jessie

    Which dub version of Jessie do you like more? Even though I don't like her for her attitude, in the 4Kids dub she didn't sound as pompous as she does in the PUSA dub.
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    dub Team Rocket

    Which dub version of Team Rocket do you like more, the old or the new?
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    dub May

    Which dub version of May do you like the most?
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    Fav Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters

    Which duel monster(s) from any of the yugioh series is(are) your fav(s)? My list 1) Black Luster Soldier 2) Dark Magician 3) Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Valkyrion 4) Buster Blader 5) XYZ Dragon Cannon 6) Blue Eyes White Dragon 7) Red Eyes Black Dragon 8) The Egyptian God Monsters 9) Gilford the...
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    Pokemon eps

    I don't know if any of you have noticed but since last summer Pokemon eps have lost it's touch in terms of story plots and recaps that actually never happened. Is it really true that Pokemon might have lost its touch?
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    Battle Frontier in the UK

    Does anyone know when the ninth season will premiere in the UK? If its sometime early 2007, then when exactly?
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    Do you miss Max

    Do any you miss Max? I for one don't because even though he did have a lot of knowledge on Pokemon, he was sometimes annoying aside from having to drag Brock from flirting with girls. I didn't mind Max teasing May, but I didn't like him taunting Ash about not winning at both Johto and Hoenn Leagues.
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    Nastiest Yu-Gi-Oh! Villian

    Which villian throughout the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! series was downright sinister? For me it was Seto Kaiba. Even though he wasn't really evil, he was quite arrogant towards Yugi & friends, especially Joey.