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    First ever VGC doubles team, help is GREATLY needed.

    Hey all! I finally decided to sign up for my first VGC (the one of this weekend) and after a lot of reading I decided to go for a Trick Room team, that has the possibility of switching to a team that abuses a sturdy level 1 Aron with Endeavor. The team I have in mind consists out of the...
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    RMT First competitive team for the OU tier, really need feedback :)

    Hey all, finally decided to make my first OU team but I am far from sure of how it will work.. My team will exist out of the following: Donphan @ Leftovers Nature: Adamant Ability: Sturdy 252 HP/ 252 ATTACK / 4 DEF Rapid Spin Stealth Rock Fire Fang Earthquake A possible contender for a...