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    Rate my team

    well here it is..... Rhyperior Item: Need idea for one Ability: Solid Rock Moves: Stone Edge Scary Face(need idea for better move) Rock Wrecker Earthquake Torterra Item: Heat Rock Ability: Overgrow Moves:Sunny Day Wood Hammer...
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    looking for a battle

    well the title explains it anyone who wants to battle me post here i only have a few rules 1.any pokemon can be used 2.no voice chat(mom wil take away my wifi :( ) thats it
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    looking for shiny palkia and shiny dialga

    im loooking for a shiny palkia and a shiny dialga. i will offer anything(shiny or not) if your willing to trade them
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    Have you ever noticed........

    Have you ever noticed that Repels of any kind wont work sometimes. I use one then 2 seconds later a pokemon appears man that makes me mad!
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    Rate my team+little help please

    hey people i would like my team rated all are lv 100 Rhydon Careful Rock Head Earthquake Thunderbolt Horn Drill Dig Crobat Quiet Inner Focus Hyper Beam Giga drain Cross Poison Fly Garchomp Quiet Sand veil FlameThrower Surf Draco Meteor Earthquake Sudowoodo Lonely...
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    When You gettin D/P

    Im getting mine on Tuesday(Dont want to wait tat long but i will) Wen u people getting the game?
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    Guitar Hero 3 Song lists...........

    I know many people are waitin for Guitar Hero 3 to come out But they havent came out with official song list yet. If i could put some songs in it would be these. 1.96 Quite bitter beings-CKY 2.Driven-Sevendust 3.Bulls on Parade-Rage Against the Machine 4.Remedy-Seether 5.For those about to...
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    What would you do if........

    What would you do if Nintendo decided to not release D/P. not like thats gonna happen but im just wanderin
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    i wonder?

    will this game be the biggest release for pokemon or will it just be the same as the others?
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    Does anyone own all the legendaries? Ill admit that i cheated for a few
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    I have a Deoxys and I want to use it on Mt.Battle and on the guide on this site it says you can use it. but when i try to register it from my ruby it says i cant use it. Is their any problems or am i doing something wrong?
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    Rank my Team

    Hey people tell me if my team is any good Team Metallica:Platnum Rank Team members Lv 100 Swampert Lv 96 Rhydon Lv 84 Deoxys
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    Any tips for Wish Cave?

    Man Wish Cave is hard. Does anyone have tips to getting through the dungeon?
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    Favorite Legendary?

    Hey everybody i was just wandering if anyone had a Favorite Legendary. Mine of Course is Deoxys:386-s:
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    You See that little picture at the top Right under "Master of Deoxys" with Bulbasaur, Charmander,And Professer Oak.Is thier Anyway I could change it?
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    Ditto Breeding?

    If i Breed a Shiny Ditto with a regular pokemon will the egg be shiny?
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    What will be your D/P team?

    I wanna know who wants what on their team for D/P mine is on My Trainer card
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    Trainer cards

    ;386-a; Hello im new here so dont laugh at me for askin but,i see trainer cards under peoples signatures and they look so cool how do i make one?