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    Pokémon Red/Green "Capsule Monsters" information

    Pokémon Red/Green "Capsule Monsters" information http://web.me.com/celebi23/Capsule_Monsters/Main_files/shapeimage_2.png Capsule Monsters? "What is that?", you ask. Let's take a trip back to the development of Red & Green.... So, while working on my early Gold/Silver research, I decided...
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    Pokémon Gold/Silver Spaceworld 1997 Demo info

    Pokémon Gold/Silver Spaceworld 1997 Demo info So, here's a little something that I've been working on for awhile. With all of the HG/SS hype lately, it got me interested in continuing this project. My goal was to collect information about G/S, before it was delayed in March of 1998. I...
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    Motherload of Pokemon G/S ALPHA information!!

    Figured this deserved it's own thread because it's in regards to ALPHA information. So, I was doing a search of beta Pokemon's names (Happa, Honooguma , Kurusu, etc) and found a first-hand description of the Pokémon G/S demo from Nintendo Spaceworld 1997 (first public showing of the games)...
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    Looking for Magby with Magmarizer....

    Looking for Magby with Magmarizer. I've got 2 extra Elekids with Elecrtirizers attatched, a Male & a Femal one, take your pick
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    Looking for legit JAA Celebi/ Space C Deoxys

    I'm looking for a Legit JAA Celebi/ Legit Space C Deoxys. It's a plus if they are untouched, but it's not necessary. I've got 2 Unhatced Manaphy eggs, a ton of Legit Mews & 2 Legit Jirachis. I've also got a ton of unhatched Chimchar, Turtwig & Piplup eggs
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    Got Unhatched Manaphy eggs, Legit mews, Jirachis & Electirizers...

    Ok, here's what I've got to trade: 2 UNHATCHED Manaphy eggs a ton of legit Mews (untouched) 2 Legit Jirachis 1 extra Electirizer (attached to a Elekid) 26 UNHATCHED Chimchar eggs 3 UHATCHED Turtwig Eggs 5 UNHATCHED Piplup eggs What I'm looking for: 10 ANIV Celebi (preferably untouched) Space C...
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    Looking for legit JAA Celebi

    I'm looking for an untouched 10th Anniversary Celebi. It should be Lv. 70 & it should have been met in a Fateful Encounter, OT: 10 ANIV, ID 00010 and in a regular pokeball. I've got a legit, untouched Mew from the Toys R Us event to trade for it. I could also throw in an unhatched Manaphy egg...
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    I've got a Legit Mew to trade...

    Ok, just to get it out of the way, it is cloned (so, if you don't like cloned pokemon, please don't post) BUT, it was cloned from a Legit Mew that I go from the Toys R Us event from last september. Mew's basic info: OT: MSTRY ID No. 06930 Timid Nature Here's what I'm looking to trade...
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    Just need 2 more Pokemon for the National Dex

    I just need to Dex 1 more pokemon to get the National Dex. If somone could help me out, that'd be awesome. Then I can get pal park & start sending over my massive collection of Legit Mews (from the Toys R Us thing) 147 Mesprit
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    Looking for a legit Manaphy egg

    I'm looking for a legit Manaphy egg or just a legit manaphy. Just let me know what you're looking for.
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    Giving away Chimchar, Turtwig & Piplup eggs!!!!

    Ok, so, I've got a ton of Chimchar, Turtwig & Piplup eggs. If you want to make an offer for one, that's cool but, if you don't have anything uncommon to trade, that's fine too. Pretty much, I'm willing to give them away. So, I have: 36 Chimchar eggs 8 Piplup eggs 5 Turtwig eggs If I run out...
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    celebi23's breeding shop

    celebi23's breeding shop **TONS OF CHIMCHARS IN STOCK** Ok, since my Monferno & Pasukaru's Lv. 1 Chimchar are breeding like rabbits (10 Chimchar eggs in 5 minutes for example ) I thought I'd open up a trade shop. These are all legit Chimchar eggs. I've got 36 Chimchar eggs and each of them...
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    celebi23's Diamond Exclusives shop

    I've got some Diamond exclusives to trade. So far, I've got: 3 Stunkys (2 Male, 1 Female) 3 Murkrows (2 Female, 1 Male) What I'm really looking for: Piplup Turtwig What I could trade for if you don't have the above Pokémon: any of the Pearl exclusive Pokémon my info: Alex...
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    Looking for the Johto starters

    I'm currently trying to get the Johto starters. If anyone has eggs of all 3 starters, just say what you want for them.
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    Need something to open a .narc file

    I've got a small project that I'm working on but, I can't find anything that'll open this .narc archive file that I have. I tried using narc31, multiarc, unarc-0.2.8 & rarcdump & they all produce just empty folders. I even tried narctool-0.1 just for the heck of it. Any suggestions would be...
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    Red & Green concept art

    So, I found some concept art by Ken Sugimori found on Pokemon France's website The description of the picture: "Les premiers concept arts de Ken Sugimori concernant Pocket Monsters" It shows some early designs for some pokemon, the way the game looked on a gameboy & some town drawings
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    Surfing Pichu question

    Question for anyone that has Pokemon Box. I was wondering if anyone had received the Surfing Pichu. If you do, I was wondering if someone could create either a Gameshark save file or Action Replay save file & then e-mail the file to me? I've been trying to find Pokemon Box but it's only on...
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    Even clearer D/P screens!

    Ok, I found much clearer screens than the ones on Nintendo's D/P page: http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/game/docs/20060615/poke.htm These screens are normal size instead of much smaller ones on the Pokemon site.
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    Alert!! Massive Sprite Theft Found!!!

    This has to be the LARGEST case of sprite theft I have ever seen. Pretty much the entire pokemon section from TSR, Sprites from these forums and a few other sites. http://www.boards.nsgstation.com/thread.php?&threadid=2715&page=1 I just registered to give them a piece of my mind. :angry:
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    Pics of Manene and the Manyula Statues?

    I was wondering if anyone could post screenshots of the Manene and the Manyula Statues? I've seen the Bonsly and Rukario ones and I'm kinda interested as to how these look.