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    RM Battle Frontier Team

    Ninjask@BrightPowder Impish Nature 252 Hp 129 Def 129 Sp Def Ability:Speed Boost Substitute Slash Swords Dance Baton Pass Marowak@Thick Club Jolly Nature 252 Attack 252 Speed 6 Sp Def Ability:Rock Head Swords Dance Earthquake(soon to be replaced with rock slide when i get...
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    Mawile Nature and EV's

    I am having a strict baton passing mawile and i dont know what nature to give it so that it has an edge to survive to baton pass. also should i put a focus band on it.
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    Blastoise Moveset

    Ok i need a blastoise moveset that doesnt require me to breed because i have a shiny one with a hardy nature and good ivs that i would like to use i was thinking something like Surf Ice Beam Toxic Counter/Protect
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    Demonstration of Diamond and Pearl to be held at Pokemon Festa'

    Taken from Gamespot.com "The Pokémon Festa began in 2002 and has since grown to become a popular summer event in Japan, drawing 720,000 visitors last year. According to an article on Yahoo Japan, this year's traveling event will feature a pay zone, where fans can meet their favorite Pokémon...
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    Mysterious Dungeon Color Names!!

    The colors for mysterious dungeon arent red and blue they are Blood and Crip. please post comments on the names
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    Any news from E3

    Post any news you get from E3 here. I havent heard anything yet
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    Post your best cycling road times

    Heres my best time 0 Collisions 9.16 seconds
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    focus punch

    where is the focus punch tm at. please and thank you
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    I cant find exp share

    could someone tell me where it is i cannot find it.
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    Im trying to find bagon but i dont know where to look. i have all eight badges but havent beaten the elite four. i used waterfall on the waterfall in meteor falls and i searched for a while and cant find him. is he in the room with the dragon claw tm? any help is appreciated
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    Sky pillar?

    where is the sky pillar located i cant find it. ive already been to sootopolis and talked to wallace but i dont know where to go now
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    Berry Crushing?

    I cant find where to berry crush in emerald. the lady who gave me the jar said it was in pokemon centers but i cant find. thanx
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    Feebas Question

    Can someone tell me where to go to get feebas. i know that it is on route 119 but its like the biggest route and i have no idea where to look. also could someone tell me where to get the old rod.