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    Team Help

    Hey everybody I'm having trouble making a team and I would like some suggestions please :) Here is what I have so far. Shiny Serperior @Timid Holding Leftovers Evs:18 HP 240 Speed 252 Sp. Attack Ivs:31/6/31/30/31/30 Moveset:Leech Seed, Hidden Power Fire 70, Giga Drain, and Leaf Storm If...
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    The Flaming Resiram Trade Shop (Now Open)

    The Flaming Resiram Trade Shop w/ New Pokes/Manager/Rules/Services Attention!: Im sorry but I wont be on weekdays due to school. Attention all supporters love this place? Put this in your siggy! <Clicky for the best trade shop ever! Click here for Aaron's Pokes! Click here for Pambi's Pokes...