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    The NFL Club '08

    With just under two weeks until the opening kickoff of the 2008 preseason, I thought it a good time to start up the club again. All site rules apply: No flaming; No spamming; No double posting (unless absolutely necessary); Do not bash any member of the club, any franchise in the NFL, or any...
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    The NFL Club '07

    The NFL Club: 2007 With the start of the new football season in a matter of days, it's time to start up the new club, I think. Club rules: All site rules aply. In short, there's no: Flaming Spamming Double Posting (Unless absolutely necessary) Bashing of any SPP member, any...
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    Cerulean Romance (Pokeshipping. G)

    Well, I'm finally posting my Roses and Chocolates entree. Read on, if you don't mind long one-shots. Cerulean Romance (Pokeshipping) Misty’s POV Rated G One summers day, not unlike every other day of the past summer month, or any given summer month for that matter, I was sitting in my...
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    Johto=/=Battle Frontier?

    For a time now, I've been curious about this. As most of you know, the average Pokemon fan hated the Johto saga with a passion, yet they loved the Battle Frontier episodes. Why? From what I've heard, Johto seemed to be hated because it was nothing more then a Kanto rehash. But, isn't that pretty...
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    The NFL club '06

    The NFL club: 2006 Welcome to the new NFL club! Since the old thread was dead and burried long ago, I thought it would be alright to start it up again. This is a club to discuss anything and everything involving the NFL. You can talk about your favorite teams, your favorite players, current...
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    The Billion Dollar Idea

    Well, here's my Laughingstock entrée. That's pretty much all the explanation that's really needed, but here's some more anyway: The Billion-Dollar Idea is a comedy one-shot about Team Rocket. But readers, ye be warned: It's long! At twenty Microsoft pages long, I don't think there's much...
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    The Star Wars club

    Approved by Shadowfaith. Hello all! This is a club for the fans of the Star Wars movies, books, video games, or whatever Star Wars merchandise pikes your interest. The rules are as followed: 1)No Spamming 2)No flaming 3)Follow all normal SPP rules Here's the clubs official banner...
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    The Legend of Zelda: the Minish Cap (help!)

    I need help with The Legend of Zelda: the Minish Cap. I got to the base of Mount Crenel, and when I talk to that stupid plant thing, it says to visit its friend in a cave in Triby Highlands to get an item I need to climb the mountain. However, I've looked everywhere in Triby Highlands, but I...
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    Never Gone (pokeshipping song-fic)

    Hi everybody! I figured that my first ever post should be this story, so here it is. If I’m breaking any rules, then i apologies. I guess I should explain what this story is about, as is proper courtesy, so here goes: In general, this is a pokeshipping song-fic one-shot. If you’re wondering...