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    Oak's PC

    I was kinda disappointed that Oak's PC doesn't have an entry on Bulbapedia, so I was hoping to create one. This idea came to me while I already had 450 species logged, so I need some community help in filling out the various Oak sayings depending on the number of species in Pokedexes. So if...
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    Gotta Catch 'em All

    Sup Serebii. I've been using the forums, with moderate success, to complete my Pokedex and my personal goal of a perfect PC: a complete inventory of every stage of evolution of every species in the game. So far I've obtained 375, with 416 seen - up from 278/380 on May 9th, when I first...
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    Gotta Catch 'em All

    Hey Serebii - I don't know why, but I told myself I'd get all the Pokemon available in Platinum before I started trading, but that got seriously tedious. So I decided to set up my wireless security for the DS and use the GTS, thinking I could get everything I needed from... the world. As it...