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Search results

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    I was wondering

    ^thats right..and tentacruel too..
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    Does this happen to anybody?

    this happend to me too..
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    Where DO I Get Fire Blast?

    ^thats the true answer in this question..
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    Favourite Starter

    i love squirtle...i love it..
  5. G

    Least Favourite Starter

    i say bulpasaur cause i hate venusaur......
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    Gym leaders

    i prefer sabrina...
  7. G

    What level?

    at lv 14 or higher up to 18-17
  8. G

    What pokémon ad to my team ? (gold)

    ^u are right..but if u dont want,sandrew and nidoran female would be a good idea,.......
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    help me build a team please

    what u need is 6 differend type of pokemon....NEVER use in your team same types..
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    wat is chickorita

    chicorita is a kind of dinosaur,,...
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    Favourite Gym Leader/Elite 4

    i love lussy ,brandon,flannery..
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    Why do people think Murkrow is evil!

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    Karen's hair...

    silvery blue hair of course,,....
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    How am I supposed to 'catch them all'?

    there are all pokemon in the game...there are little exceptions....^as k-flygon says,u need to trade the left on u eed to catch em all..
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    Who was disappointed with G/S/C's Elite Four?

    they were all too easy to beat...
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    Mew/Celebi moveset

    ^mew:psychic,fly,refresh,thunderbolt... celebi:psychic,hydro pump,refresh.... i hope that will help u...
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    Who uses the cloning cheat?

    i used to clone my latios and my latias....
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    Least favorite 2nd gen pokemon

    i hate dunsparce..and quaqsire..
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    Favourite Starter

    i like it too..its voice is funny...