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    Digimon: We Can't Win (PG-13)

    An original story I've been cooking up for some time now. First chapters are a little short, but it does get a lot better. Comments appreciated, thanks! Chapter 1 “Finally, spring break!” Sometimes, you just gotta let loose, you know? That's what Alec was thinking when he slammed his...
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    Digimon sprites, D/P style

    NOT A REQUEST THREAD. I have some sprites of Digimon that i threw together with D/P pokemon sprites. Agumon: Patamon: Kyubimon: I haven't done any spriting in a long, long time. Tell me what you think, I'm open for criticism.
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    About Togepi

    The Togepi given to you in XD is programmed to be very difficult to make it happy enough to evolve, right? I remember reading that this only applies to it when it is in XD. However, after trading it to Emerald and babying it for a few hours, it shows no signs of being near evolution. I'm...
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    Favorite summon in the KH series?

    In the entire Kingdom Hearts series, my favorite summon is a tough choice between Tinkerbell and Cloud. I guess Tink wins for overall usefulness. Constant healing, a revival, and you get to keep your party members!
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    FF3 or KSS?

    Final Fantasy III or Kirby Squeak Squad? I want a new DS game, and I'm torn between these two. I don't have any good RPGs for my DS yet, but the only Kirby game I have is Air Ride. I haven't played a game from either series all the way through. Any ideas?
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    Digimon for Serebii Members?

    Which digimon do some members at SPPf remind you of? for starters, Latios remind me of Andromon
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    Best Battle?

    What was your favorite battle in the 3D RPGs? For me, I loved the final battle with Greevil. I found it strange that I was fighting, but not really trying to KO any of his pokemon
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    New Info on Mime Jr.

    Mime Jr.'s actualy ability, Filter, halves the damage of super-effective hits. This being so, they would have an effect no different from a neutral attack. Wouldn't this mean that Mime Jr. has no weaknesses? If so, I hope they don't have the ability remain through evolution.
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    Video Game Caption thread!

    I've always wanted a thread like this to be started, so I decided to do it myself. Works the same way as the anime caption threads, but with game screens. http://ndex.simgames.net/screenshots/cube/zelda/zelda52big.jpg Link: Do you think I'm stupid? I know that isn't the Master Sword...
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    Here's my works

    I've got some sprites I've made in the past. They're all made from many R/S/E/FR/LG Pokemon, Trainer, and Item sprites. Skitgon Flyviper Flygoxys Yoda Trainer Super Saiyan Trainer Agent 009, Domino Keramon Tell me what you think. I only did these because...
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    Digimon: A Memoire

    Hello! This is my first digimon fic. It is about what would happen if I was a digi-destined child. Chapter 1 “Finally, spring break!” Sometimes, you just gotta let loose, you know? That’s what I was thinking when I slammed my locker and sped down the hall. “Hey, I… Alright… See...
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    The Dew of Souls?

    This has been bugging me since I saw Heroes: Latias & Latios... The movie takes place in Johto, correct? So which came first, the Soul Dew in the movie, or the Soul Dew in the games? Discuss
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    Game Songs

    What's the best songs you can think of for your favorite games? I've got three: Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal(GBC) - Pokemon World sung by Youngstown featuring Nobody's Angel Earthbound(SNES) - Kids in America by Kim Wilde Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask(N64) - Then The Morning comes by...
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    3d Rpg?

    I know Diamond/Pearl would suck if it was in 3D on the DS, it should remain 2D. But what do you think the offical 3D battle game for the Revolution will be? And in what ways would you like to use your pokemon from D/P? I think 3D Contests might be fun. Stupid idea maybe, but you could kind of...
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    Macho Brace question

    does the amount of EVs you get from Carbos, Protein, etc double if the pokemon's holding a Macho Brace? If so, I need to grow some Kelpsy Berries. Fast.
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    My Recently Revised YGO Deck

    My deck is centered around protecting and increasing my LP. Normal Monsters: Blue-Eyes White Dragon Dark Magician Summoned Skull Judge Man 7 Colored Fish Harpie's Brother (x2) Master Kyonshee Battle Ox Darkfire Soldier #1 Girochin Kuwagata Effect Monsters: Sanga of the Thunder...