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    My Yellow Team (Only 3 badges. Meh)

    Hey. I'm back, and wanted to start off by seeing how good my Yellow Team is first of all. I only have 3 badges, but I haven't played in a while, and am gonna beat the Elite four once I get there. Anyway, here's my team. Kadabra Lv. 17 (Training in Progress) Attacks: Teleport Confusion...
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    My Team in Red.

    I have 3 badges. The furthest City I've gotten to is Celadon City. I am currently near Pewter City training a low level pokemon. Here is my party. Mew Lv9 (64 exp until Lv10) ;151; (used the mew glitch) Pound, Cut. Pidgeotto Lv19 (810 exp until Lv20);017; Gust, Quick Attack, Fly. (For some...
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    My Leaf Green Team

    I think this goes here. I'm at Fuschia City, with 4 badges. This my team as follows. Nidorino Lv30 (I replaced Weepinbell with him) ;033; (When should I evolve him?) Lax Nature Double Kick, Cut, Horn Attack, Helping Hand Wartortle Lv32 ;008; Mild Nature Mega Punch, Bite, Water Pulse, Surf...
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    How many Pokemon do you have on your Pokedex?

    How many pokemon have you seen and caught on your Pokedex? I have seen 63 Pokemon, and Own 47. I am at Fuschia City with 4 badges.
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    Gold/Silver Elite Four Remake

    I decided to remake the elite four of the gold and sliver games. Here they are. I used Brock's Head and Gary's Body. I used the original sprites for Koga and Bruno. For Karen, I used a beauty. What do you think?
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    My Red/Blue Pokemon Colorations

    These pokemon were originally black and white, but I colored them in R/S colors. It's not finished yet, but what do you think so far? I know Butterfree is in the RS version, but the body of the Red Blue versions was all black, and it looked crappy when I was finished with it. And I know...
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    Rate my Team

    I'm at Fuschia with 4 badges. I think my party is doing ok, but I know it needs some work. What do you think? (My brother over wrote my game.) Flareon Lv28;136; Pidgeotto Lv29;017; Dragonair Lv30;148; Weepinbell Lv27;070; Wartortle Lv31;008; Rhyhorn Lv27;111;