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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Is it just me or the more I see of this, the more I get back into Pokemon?
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    *****CONFIRMED***** Info Discussion Topic [NOT SPECULATION+READ 1st Post]

    Also, one of the shots in the scans show the Kimono Girl talking to a Rocket Grunt. Anyone else think the Rocket Grunt character may actually be our character? Maybe a plot line where we go undercover? It certainly seems that way from the shot.
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    *****CONFIRMED***** Info Discussion Topic [NOT SPECULATION+READ 1st Post]

    You know, I quit pokemon once DP was released and I invested hours and hours into the game but with HGSS, Game Freak is just pulling me back. I don't like that and like that at the same time.
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    New Form Speculation

    Kinda want Ho-oh and Lugia to have their own unique forms.
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    CoroCoro/Famitsu Scans, Pokémon Sunday/Confirmed Info Discussion Topic

    Future Celebi Event for HG/SS and soon after, Platinum?
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    ~*~ HG/SS Speculation / Idea Thread 2.0 ~*~ [READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE]

    Ah well, I guess its too good to be true then. Thanks for the confirmation Joe.
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    ~*~ HG/SS Speculation / Idea Thread 2.0 ~*~ [READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE]

    However, On Neogaf, someone reported the Info from Coro Coro that he translated and mentioned the skateboard. Still fake, Joe? I've only seen 6 Scans as I think everyone else has. Do any of those mention Skateboards? Please?
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    CoroCoro/Famitsu Scans, Pokémon Sunday/Confirmed Info Discussion Topic

    Definitely Sprout Tower. Are we sure thats an event thing (Notched Ear Pichu) or is there still a chance that its one of those breeding enhancements people were talking about?
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    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    Nope. Female character is a fail. Marina (Crystal was her Comic Name?) is the best. They should have kept here. Am a dude so it doesn't really matter but still...
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    Breeding to Change the Appearance of HGSS' Egg Pokemon?

    This. It always irritates me to see the same faceless eggs every single time. This new addition? I'm excited to hear more about it. As a pretty hardcore breeder, this new addition is just icing on the cake.
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    I probably would pick Cyndaquil over my traditional choice of Water Pokemon.
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    ~*~ HG/SS Speculation / Idea Thread 2.0 ~*~ [READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE]

    Well Joe does have a point. I guess the moment I saw 'Skateboard', my inner child woke up, remembering people telling me how there were rumors of skateboards being in the game. How they wanted to do it but couldn't. Don't Scans of Coro Coro leak out by now? When I was seriously into pokemon...
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    ~*~ HG/SS Speculation / Idea Thread 2.0 ~*~ [READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE]

    From NeoGAF http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=360969&page=24 Make what you will guys! Scans starting to leak maybe? But...Skateboard? As in 1998 Rumored Skateboard? DROOL *****ES!
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    What old features do you want to stay in HGSS?

    I want the ability to play the full game with the old skin as an unlockable. Or the first time you enter a new area that appeared on the originals, it shows this flashback thing with all the old graphics with a brief run through the entire map which then cross fades into the next gen graphics...
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    New Form Speculation

    Holy crap... yes. In fact, they should make a handheld traditional remake of Pokemon Colleseum and XD for the DS!!! I think Ho-Oh and Lugia could possibly get new formes. Maybe the Legendary Dogs as well?
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    What will you do differently?

    I will choose Cyndaquil over Totodile I will train my Togepi I will use the Sudowoodo I get I'll get Lugia first (Since I'm getting Soul Silver anyway)
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    All the buzz about remakes...

    I want a strict remake in the sense. Remove nothing from the normal course of the game. Just expand. A More Fleshed out Whirl Islands with a Good Lugia Sub-plot.
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    Platinum Storyline Discussion

    Yea..Platinum looks good. I may buy it. Maybe if there are some new Breeding stuff, I will.
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    Team Rocket's Next Pokemon - Catch/Leave

    Who would have thought Jessie would get Yanmega?
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    Leaked CoroCoro Rumors

    Wow...This is very interesting....Even having quit Pokemon, I probably would HAVE to buy this game for the storyline. The shots look amazing and generally speaking, this game already looks badass. However, I was in the group who really wanted a GS Remake and its kinda sad that there isnt...