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  1. Could Hikari be a permanent character?

    Usually whenever there is an opening it gives a small thing in the first few scenes like "Kono hoshi no Fushigina iki mono Poketto Monsutaa chijimete Pokemon! Ima, Shounen Satoshi to Pokemontachi no dea ito houken to tatakai no tonogatari ga hajimeru!" (not sure if thats entirely correct) But...
  2. When exactly did Pikachu learn Thunderbolt?

    I've been watching for a while, But I never really knew the first episode where Pikachu stopped using thundershock and began using thunderbolt, Does anyone know when that was?
  3. What is the name of the song...

    I was just wondering the title of the song that is played during the 4th movie during Celebi's resurrection and also it played at the end of the episode "Haruka travels through time". Thanks in advance for help.
  4. What if Jessie still had Lickitung?

    Honestly I prefer Lickitung over Wobbuffet, and if she still had it Maybe she would have more of a fighting chance? What do you think the show would be like?
  5. Haruka and kamo?

    I watch alot of raw episodes and one thing i've noticed is that Haruka was kamo at the end of most of her sentences..what does this mean?
  6. Heres a thought (and a stupid one at that)

    Well Haruka, Takeshi, and Kojirou all have 4th generation pokemon...Yet Musashi and Satoshi have yet to capture one. Maybe this could be the last season for one or maybe both of them? Just a thought.
  7. Does anyone know the name of that one song...

    The song that is played during the 4th movie when Serebii is revived? I believe that it is also played in "Haruka passes through time" and "Hakuryuu's lake" Thank you in advance.
  8. Will the Battle frontier opening be modified again?

    Will the opening be modified when Juputoru evolves? So far Everytime there has been an evolution ( Numacraw, Donfan) The opening animations were changed. Anyone think it'll change for Jukain?
  9. Team rocket's Motto in japanese.

    Can someone Tell me Team Rocket's motto in Japanese and it's Translation?
  10. Song Lyric Translation?

    Can someone Translate these Lyrics into English? This is one of my Favorite Pocket Monster songs but I can't find the English Lyrics. OK! OK! tsugi ni susumou ze! OK! issho nara daijoubu! OK! kaze ga kawatte mo OK! kawaranai ano yume! koko made kuru no ni muchuu...
  11. Anyone else worried?

    Is anyone else worried about what the dubbers are going to give as dub names for Manene, Rukario, and Manyula...not to mention any other 4th generation pokemon?...Somehow I see a BabyMime in the future for Manene...>>