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    Back after a long time!

    Hi guys! I'm back! I must have been absent for like 4 months? Pretty caught up with work and all...and With Halo 3 coming oiut....yeah... Anyway, I'm back and in November, I got a surprise for u Xyron out!
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    Xyron's Breeding Center: The Final Warm-Up!

    Yeah.. you may hav seen me advertising my upcoming breeding center in my sig. But, I wasnt too sure I would be able to handle it in a global scale. So, here is my test shop. I will post the recent special eggs I have. I always keep breeding, so its guarenteed that I will have new eggs with...
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    The Orange Islands?

    HI guys. I wasnt a fan from so early and only started watching pokemon from the Johto Saga. So, what's the deal with the orange islands. Can anyone give me the brief rundown on it, including Island names, a map if the region and the gym leaders?(I heard there were gym leaders). I seem to be...
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    A question I need to ask(IMPORTANT)

    I may be getting my Diamond tmrow(still cant play until may 11 though) and I was thinking of getting a DS Lite together with it. But, In Singapore, DS Lites are pretty Expensive($100 over) So I was wondering, If I play it on my Normal DS, will the graphics suck a lot or is it still ok..if...
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    The Unofficial "Let me dex...." Thread

    I have seen a lot of threads by ppl who want to ask for pokemon data. So..i have made this thread so that anyone who wants any pokemon data, just shout it out here and a kind soul will come along and help you. And kind souls, If you want to be a charity worker and volunteer yr services to...
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    I need Pokemon to dex.

    Yes...As I dont have anything for anyone...and I lost my emerald with everything inside... I have opened this thread. These are the pokemon I need to dex: 1. Groudon 2. Kyogre 3. Regirock 4. Regice 5. Registeel 6. Latios 7.Latias 8. Darkrai 9. Shaymin 10. Mew 11. Deoxys I dun...
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    Xyron's Little Request.

    Well, recently i lost my Emerald with everything in it. So I was wondering if there was anybody who will be willing to trade and trade back all the legrndary pokemon in The 3rd generation includind Depxys and excluding Rayqyaza and Jirachi. Pl Reply here and tell me hwat you have. FYI...
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    The "Daring GTS Trade offers" Thread

    Well, the title wouldnt have said much. Basically, in here, you can post about the most daring trade offers you have seen in GTS. OR you can also post one of yrs and even smthing you are gonna try out. If its one of yrs, you must post the result of the trade. I will kick this off: In my...
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    Phione Egg for the needy.

    Is anyone willing to give me a Phione Egg for free? I dun mind if its from other countries but I need a phione egg. If u are willing to, pls replay in this post and pm me! ~Xyron
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    The "What I got from GTS" Thread

    Alright... The recent happenings thread has stufflik this. So I thought to make this thread so tat we can post here. I ahvent posted anything as I dn have the game yet. But you guys post first. I appreciate if this gets stickied along with the trading thread and the recent happenings...
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    Mistakes made by major Pokemon Magazines/Advertisers/Nintendo

    Mistakes I have seen so far: 1. When Colosseum was first announced in Japan, Coro Coro made a mistake and announced it as Pokemon Ruby. And got the text all wrong. The text was explaining to you more about yr rival in RS but the pictures where Wes(Hero of Collo) Escaping from Team Snagem's...
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    Um..Arent we a bit late on the info?

    Um...Yeah...Coro Coro Scans should have arrived by now..th thing is... Where are the news....? Anyone..find a trace of them...pls inform us here... This is a bit shocking as we usually get news sooner than this.
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    New Attacks Idea Thread

    We have one for evolutions so how about one for attacks? Post yr suggestions in the following format. Name: Type: Effects: Attack/Animation Description If u think that it should be an exclusive attack to any pokemon, state which pokemon. Post time! Edit: Rak up
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    Ok..I noe the top of the poke-center wifi thing is with only guys whome you hae the friend code, right? Wad about the Battle Tower? Isnt it Global? Pls verify this for me...cause if its limited to friends code then...it pretty much beats the practicallity of online play. GTC: Obvious...
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    GSC Remake Petition

    http://www.petitiononline.com/x416yami/petition.html I was searching GSC Remakes and found this. I signed as M.Sanjeev. All who want this, pls sign!
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    Your Ideas regarding MD2

    B4 the other thread becomes full with complains of no GS Remake, I have created this thread specifically for ideas. Would post mine but got school so tomorrow, so I will post tomorrow.
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    Only for those who wanted a GSC Remake..

    Yes, MD 2 seems to be real but...dun worry, fellow GSC Fans....Although it was wad we really wanted for this game, we knew it wont come.But dun worry! I am sure, that there would be a Remake in the new future...refer to all my posts in the new games thread. So dun worry guys...GSC Remake...
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    DP:The end of the crazy unfairness.

    Ok..I am famous for threads like this but this time it actually means smthing. DP has Wifi and could this possibly mean the end of unfair events? I live in Singapore and so all the Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys could not achieved.But, I have yet to resort to action reply, which I could...
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    Recurring and non appearing characters!

    If you remember, in move seven, there was hot chick with a metagross. In the intro of movie 9, you see the same hot chick with Tyranitar. Brendan appeared in movie 6 with Aggron and Shiftry and is seen battling the hot chick's tyranitar with a Swampert. Some charasters from the games and...
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    Ok...I suck...

    Alright...I lost my emerald with all my hard trained pokemon in it...If I want to use AR to get them back...can I use them in Wifi? Ps:Not sure if this against rulez.