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    piplups elite four!!!!! (challenger list)

    this is the list ofchallengers for my elite four thread
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    need :surfpika: and flying pickachu!!

    i coud trade a ;442;
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    need :surfpika: and flying pickachu!!

    i coud trade a ;442;
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    help me!

    some plz gimme a rare candy i need to evolve my shiny ;280; to get a shiny ;475;
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    piplups elite four!!!

    hello this is my e4 and here is the application to jin as a gym or a challenger! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- in-game name: Friend code: Why you wanna join: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- gym1-...
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    1 shiny for trade

    i got a shiny rayquaza for trade! just come in post your offer
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    100's of mews for trade!

    just come and, none hacked but they are cloned i take shinies, legendaires, and some d/p pokes! pokes wanted: all shinies celebi already accpeted but havent traded yet: Cor-PHIONE pikamiki- for something shiny Zaraki-shiny eevee and shiny tentacool ShadowSaiyan-JIRACHI...