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    if Ash had a hypothetical double battle in the future

    So since Ash got Tsutarja that knows attract. I started thinking what pokemon Ash has that would work very well together in a double battle. so here is a thought on what pokemon duo would work. 1. if Tsutarja would evolve all the way into Jalorda. i think it perfect parter would be Sceptile...
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    Ash taught May. Dawn taught Ash. Who will teach who when iris comes around

    so today i realized that Ash taught May when she started out. In which Brock told Ash or Drew that May copied Ash's style of battling. now Dawn taught Ash the counter shield while battling. now that we are get close to the new girl iris who will teach who this time around in the new region.
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    A new series from the makers of FAMILY GUY

    ok the makers of FAMILY GUY are going to have a spin off for CLEVELAND called THE CLEVELAND SHOW i am not sure when it's going to air. But what do u guys think of it. Here is a privew of it http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fisYzsEBaNM
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    Billy Adventure

    well i been posting these on the Aimes spoillers so here is my frist ep The Adventure begins It was a sunny day in the small town of Pallet. A young Boy was running towards Professor Oak’s lab. The young Boy was saying I am going to be late and I woke up 2 early for getting my first...
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    Mythbusters( Discvory show)

    This is for people who like Mythbusters and they like to talk about the show.
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    who likes scrubs

    this is a from about scrubs