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    Rate my (planned) Emerald team!

    This is my planned Emerald team, that I'll be using when I get the game (which is coming soon). Hope you like it! I'll put natures here, but they won't neccesarily be used. Blaziken Mild/Rash | Blaze ~Overheat ~Brick Break ~Bulk Up ~Slash My mixed attacker. I'll generally Overheat...
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    New Pokemon Platinum Team!

    If you look in my signiture, you'll see the basics of the team. That is it, but they will be evolved. If you can, please reccomend me a 6th member. The natures are what I got given, so don't rate about those. So yeah, here is the team! Data@ Wise Glasses Brave| Trace ~Tri Attack ~Thunderbolt...
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    Rate My Pokemon White Team

    I didn't really look at my pokemon last team I posted (I was marveling at my new found gift at pictures) so I'm making another one. I hope you like it. The Team: @ Poison Gem Modest/Levitate ~Acid Spray ~Thunderbolt ~Flamethrower ~Grass Knot A special Eelektross. Acid Spray+Poison Gem=a lot of...
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    Snivy Trainers Pokemon White Team!

    I've decided I wanted to do a run through on my white to catch up to my friends. This is my team. Apologies if the pictures don't work! Adamant/Jolly Nature Overgrow ~Leaf Blade ~Coil ~Return ~Dragon Tail My starter(hopefully shiny!). Coil boosts my attack, defence and accuracy, which...
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    never posted a picture before

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    Rate my pokemon Black team!

    This is my pokemon black team. I'm using reserves for the first rime ever so this should be a really good team! Calmflare(Darmanitan) Ability: Zen mode Nature: (Can't remember) ~Flamethrower ~Fire punch/Flare blitz ~Brick break ~Psychic Rocky(Gigalith) Ability: Sturdy Nature...
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    Another new Monotype challange!

    This monotype is the same as all the other except: No legendaries Breeding is allowed from another version. I've got soul silver and am planning a electric challange. Electric challange Raichu Electabuzz/Electivire Jolteon Magneton/Magnezone Rotom(doesn't count as a legendary)...
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    Please rate my emerald team(or what it is so far)

    Hey everybody! I've just got an emerald version off a mate and have just got 3 gym badges(at mount chimmey). This is my team so far... Gardevoir(nickname:Geekskirt) Lv 30 ~Psychic ~Confusion ~Double team ~Calm mind And will be... ~Psychic ~Calm mind ~Shadow ball ~Future sight...
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    please rate my pokemon white team!!

    I worked hard to find this team. Here it is!! Samurott ??? nature ~Megahorn ~Waterfall/Razor shell ~Swords dance ~Return I personally prefer dewott, but fully evolved are stronger. Simisear ??? nature ~Flame burst/Flamethrower ~Brick break ~Rock slide ~Solarbeam My friend's...
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    rate my new pokemon white team!!

    Yes, i've put many teams on here 'cos i keep having new ideas. well here we are. Serperior ??? nature Leech seed Leaf blade Return Coil Cofagrigus ??? nature Shadow ball Will o wisp Protect Hex Chandelure ??? nature Shadow ball Flame burst(until i get flamethrower)...
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    rate my pokemon white team!!

    Ok, I've got the game, so here is the team. NOTE: I've no idea what nature they have! Samurott(Torrent): Waterfall/aqua tail X scissor Ice beam Revenge Darmanitan(Sheer force): Hammer arm Flare blitz Fire punch Rock slide Simisage(Gluttony): Seed bomb Rock slide Brick break...
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    Another offical white team.

    Well this is official. the team... Samurott/Dewott(don't know whether to evolve) Modest nature ~Air slash ~Ice beam ~Surf ~Scald Serperior(my starter) Hardy nature ~Leaf blade ~Return ~Coil around ~Giga drain Emboar Brave nature ~Flare blitz ~Wild charge ~Assurance ~Gyro...
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    New to be white team!

    Well I'm still in the planning stages(I've made another thread somewhere), so this might not be my team. Please rate it though. Serperior-brave nature;overgrow Leaf storm Leaf blade Coil around Toxic/Slam Simisear-naughty nature;Gluttony Flame charge Swords dance Rock slide Brick...
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    New in game emerald team!

    I'm open to all suggestions. This is it...! Sceptile Modest nature ~Giga drain ~Detect ~Swift ~Solarbeam Delcatty Relaxed nature ~Hyper beam ~Thunderbolt ~Sing ~Dream eater Lombre/Ludicolo Impish nature ~Surf ~Ice beam ~Fake out ~Rain dance Torkoal Sassy nature...
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    please rate my white team!!

    Well this is the team...: Samurott Brave nature ~Megahorn ~Swords dance ~Aqua tail ~Dig Simisear Rash nature ~Work up ~Sunny day ~Flamethrower ~Solarbeam Lilligant Modest nature ~Leech seed ~Synthesis ~Solarbeam ~Toxic Elektross Adamant nature ~Crush claw ~Wild...
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    please rate my white team!

    Hi. this is my white team I'm planning: Emboar-hammer arm, wild charge, flare blitz, stone edge Simisage-energy ball, cheer up, rock slide, brick break Gamagorge-rain dance, surf, ice beam, slime wave Kenhorou-cheer up, steel wing, air slash, hidden power ground Ononokus-dragon dance...
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    what is your black/white team?

    hey guys! If you're looking forward to the release of English pokemon B/W, then what're you planning for a smashing black/white team(with or without movesets). mines turning out to be this: emboar yanakkie(simisage?) any good water types to use(no moveset)? kenhorou waruvile/ononokus...
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    wht will your black/white team be?

    whats your black/ white team? my white team is gonna be Serperior- leaf storm, leaf blade, coil around, slam samurott- megahorn, dig, waterfall, swords dance emboar- heat stamp, hammer arm, wild charge, flare blitz kenhorou- air slash, steel wing, double team, quick attack waruvile-...
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    I need a good moveset for a garchomp(no outrage), snorlax and floatzel!?

    Hi again and this time I need a moveset for floatzel, garchomp and snorlax. I cannot breed for garchomp but can for snorlax and floatzel. any suggestions are extremely helpful!
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    Restarted platinum. need help with team!

    Hi everyone, I need a bit of help for my platinum game(in game). I am able to breed and i'm starting with a bred chimchar with thunderpunch along with a murkrow knowing drill peck. any help for movesets and rest of team i'll be grateful for!