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    Nidoking Discussion Thread

    That's right! The purple rhino-rabbit that is my personal bias comes in for a UU charge, with enough power to ram through foes in the newest Metagame! Despite obvious disadvantages, Nidoking can find itself on an amounting number of teams, specifically because of it's DW ability. Ah, but let us...
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    I'm posting a Middle Cup team again :D

    EDIT: Another wave of interest in MC from my old RMT so such I Edit this one w/ announcing that you post here instead of my old one. Lol. At a Glance Golbat Ability: Inner Focus Item: Eviolite Nature: Jolly EVs: 248 HP, 12 Atk, 248 Spd -Brave Bird -Taunt -Roost...
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    The sea!!

    Those NPCs that say or do all those wierd things; the dude in Undella during the summer, screaming "THE SEA!!". In SoulSilver there was that dude in Viridian, and, of course, Youngster Joey. Perhaps some of the ones from R/B/Y? Or maybe there's just some one bugging you. Discuss here! (Mods...
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    Anti-Metagame? Who'd of thunk it.

    Well, title says it all, really. Just me trying to go anti-metagame. I got to thinking; My other teams are okay, but almost always have a fault. Whether it be Reuniclus, Conk, TyraniBoah - And then I said, "Wait. Anti- Metagame?" This is what started my thought process, working along these...
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    Middle Cup Team on PO. "What?"

    Middle Cup! It's this thing I saw a few days ago. I was like 'That's so awesome.' HYPER EDIT!!: After fighting in "The Dragonair Tournament" and ...Losing due to a misclick... I've decided to post the newer changes to my team. They're not large as my team is farely solid already, but I'm...
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    Thrash usage, is it viable?

    Alright, so here's the deal; Everyone sees *Example* those sets saying 'You can use either Dragon Claw or Outrage on this Haxorus/Garchomp/Mence/Etc.' My deal is; Why isn't Thrash used more often? It's an equivalent to a Normal Outrage, only having two types added resists, and it's still...
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    Regirock - More random Pokemon in OU!

    Yep, I'm at it again. I've decided to start off a bit better on the board. Regirock, with it's huge Defense, passable HP and that Good-ish SDef make for interesting. However... I've devised my own thoughts for this. Sandstorm. Trick Room. Yes, this was farely shabby at my first thoughts... But...
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    <Insert funny team name here>

    I couldn't think of any good names for the team :/ Anyways... I'm posting this RMT because I want some help with a team I've devised after about 15 minutes of in-mind bickering. I have a theme, though. Slaking. Weird? Not too much so; His ability isn't that much of a hinderance, as CBKing is...
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    Abomasnow in the new OU?

    To an extent, new, atleast. I've taken a look around the different things for competitive Pokemon, and fight competitively myself. It came to my attention, however, to Abomasnow's a very cool competitive Pokemon, and can take a good few people by surprize. I've got a SubSeedShardPunch set...
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    I call this team "WhyYouPunchNoHurt?"

    Alright! First serious RMT, and I've got a good thought about it. My theme, you say? Never losing a Pokemon! Well, sorda. Walling the heck out of everything, really. Anyways, I've compiled my best reasoning, and want to know how this will turn out. To the RMT! AT A GLANCE And that's...
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    Rello Region

    Rello Region - Read first post for final sprites'n'such The new group that had been there only for a few days I've decided to bring back in this section. Rello Region *rough* Map - This can and will be updated as it is worked on. *Mount Marathon is a key aspect of the region, and is...
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    Pokemon Online Competitive team

    I'm looking for comments and/or improvements to my team; keep in mind I'm using Pokemon Online so anything can be changed at will. To my team: Machamp Ability: No Guard Nature: Adamant Item: Lum Berry EVs: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 Spd -DynamicPunch -Bullet Punch -Payback -Stone Edge Its...