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    Just some sprite thread....

    OK, i'm not really sure if this is allowed..Just post here if it's not and i'll delete this thread right away. I kinda thought that this thread will be something like a school of spriting where the advanced spriters here can teach the spiting noobs and people who want to sprite well, how to...
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    Really need help with scratches......And poll about shop:)

    Ok, i really need help with scratch sprites especially outlines, softening/coloring outlines, and shading. Check my thread for my sprites so you can see what's wrong with them and please tell me! If DarkFirebird or Chibi Pika goes to this thread, please help me. I'd be happy enough to put credit...
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    ~MorningStar's Sprite Gallery~

    Hello everyone! welcome to my sprite gallery! Obviously, i will be posting sprites i make here. Please dont let this thread die..Again...(for some reason, all the threads i start die soon after i make them XD) Anyway for the first sprites, here are some pixel overs. The dog was made from a...
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    Help with team needed!

    Ok..Im resetting my Diamond and here's what team i have in my mind. Be free to change anything! Help especially with moves and EVs. New Team: Physical Sweepers: Flygon@??? Ability: Levitate Nature: Adamant EVs:??? Stone Edge Dragon Claw Earthquake ???(probably a physical attack...
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    A Spriting Contest Aprroved by Zephyr Flare

    [CENTER]This is a spriting contest for fusions, revamps and devamps. Only 20 people are allowed to enter. The deadline for submitting entries is june 2 or when all 20 spots are filled. If you fail to follow a rule, you will be disqualified, so, FOLLOW THE RULES!. Rules: 1. No...
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    my first few scratch sprites

    i will be posting my first few scratch sprites here. please rate and comment. and to all the scratch spriters who visit this thread, please give me some tips or links to good tutorials on how to scratch sprite. here is my first ever one, a voltrorb and the shiny form too.
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    my sprites

    These sprites are all made by me. Please give some comments and suggestions. If you plan on using some of these, please ask permission and if i say yes, GIVE CREDIT.