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    So I'm attempting them right now, and trying to use the IV Calculator to help me out. The only problem is I'm not sure if it'll work. I want to go on the whole wi-fi and see at 100, but it would be a LV. 100 Feebas instead of a LV. 100 Milotic. So that stats would be completely different...
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    Why do you still play Pokemon?

    I'm actually that a lot of people, even adults, still play the games. So I think it would be fun to know why you do it. As for myself, it's because of all the paint chips and Febreeze Effects I've been dining on. Actually, I'm at rock bottom right now. Incredibly stressed out, and playing...
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    Will Ash'a dad ever appear?

    I mean we've all seen Delia, but who is Ash's dad? It's always bugged me. And was she once in Team Rocket? I read that somewhere, not sure if it's true though.
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    Cures for the Common Cold?

    I'm feeling a bit miserable. Like a fairy tale, my heart is broken. Like science states, my immune system has diminished, but not too a Sleeping Beauty state. It feels terrible though. I keep waking up at these intervals and blowing my nose then taking forever to get back to sleep. My eyes...
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    The New Girl

    Hi guys. :) Growing up, I never believed in Snow White and her promises of true love, rather, I looked to apples made of glass and snow and their captivating enchants. Though I'd never eat a poison ones, it ruins the sharp taste. Very distinct. I have an ongoing love affair with the...