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    i need some c+c on my spites

    i need some c+c on my spites some are better than others im looking for an over all critisim
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    New rotom dex dont die

    im makeing a rotom dex i will take donations and for the new spriters this is the perfect time for you to get noticed here arethe rules 1no stealing 2if we already have one we will just choose the best one 3ill take fake-e-mon pokemon mixes and real pokemon but they HAVE to be mixed with...
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    need spriters !!!!!

    need spriters im making a shop i need help any spriters welcome scrachers welcome poke mixerz welcome
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    this dided but im puting it back up

    deoxy dex rules don't take credit for any ones work (please donat deoxys mixs)
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    deoxys poke dex please donate

    (donate sprites not money)deoxy-dex--im try'n to make a deoxys-dex any one can donate a deoxysit can be any deoxys from you like and any pokemon rules 1. do not say any thing bad about any ones sprite 2. deoxys must be the base 3. you can not take credit for other pepoles work 4.you can...
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    pokeman95's sprites

    i want to know if i am good at spriteing
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    show off your pokemon sprites

    pokemon sprites only no takeing credit 4 other peoples work your best work ....................................................... no more rules here are my best
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    show off your sprites

    show off your pokemon sprites
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    why is aceus or shamin not in pmd2

    but realy why not have them in
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    witch pokemon should you start with

    i think you should start with....; 355; ; 298; ; 328;; 037;; 410;: 172bros:; 133;; 104;; 074;;417;;351;;459; and all the starters like charmander, and piplup