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    Naturia Deck

    Just something I'm muckin' about with: MONSTERS (20): Naturia Marron (x3) Naturia Cherries (x3) Naturia Bamboo Shoot (x2) Naturia Pumpkin (x2) Naturia Cliff (x2) Naturia Fruitfly (x2) Naturia Cosmobeet Naturia Dragonfly Dandylion Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo Lonefire Blossom Redox, Dragon Ruler of...
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    6 Samurai Deck

    Well, I've recently started getting into Yu-Gi-Oh and after researching many 6S decks, I came up with this: MONSTERS (15): Grandmaster of 6S (x2) Hand of 6S Spirit of 6S L6S Kageki (x2) L6S Kizan (x3) 6S Zanji Kagemusha of 6S (x3) Elder of 6S (x2) SPELLS (16): Asceticism of 6S (x2) Shien's...
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    My Post-Game PKMN Black Team

    So here it is: • Galvantula @ Wise Glasses • Compoundeyes • Timid • 6 HP/252 Sp. Atk/252 Spd - Bug Buzz - Volt Switch - Thunder - Thunder Wave • Cofagrigus @ Leftovers • Mummy • Modest • 252 HP/252 Sp. Atk/6 Spd - Shadow Ball - Calm Mind - Energy Ball - Substitute •...
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    PKMN Black Team Plan

    I was originally going to use this team in "Grey", but due to changes in the team and the fact that "Grey" will probably be released for 3DS (which I am not getting), I've decided to use it in Black instead. So, here it is: Serperior [Jolly w/ Overgrow] - Leaf Blade - Return - Aerial...
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    PKMN White Team Plan

    With Gen V fast approaching, the same excitement that took hold of me before D/P and again before HG/SS, has now returned to get me psyched up to ridiculous levels. As always, I've come up with a team plan: Samurott Ability - Torrent - Waterfall - X-Scissor - False Swipe (for catching...
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    Lucky Eggs; Too rare?

    After realising how tedious it is to train up for the eighth Gym in HeartGold, I decided to look for a Lucky Egg in preparation for SoulSilver, so I won't have to go through the same process. I didn't know much about the item so I looked it up...and I was lost for words at the sheer rarity of...