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    Dragonite. Broekn.

    Not to be rude, but he's ranked No. 1 in OU usage, as of the most recent posts, unless they posted new ones. He doesn't overcentralize it, but I do stand that he'll get a suspect vote. I'd say staying OU, as well as the majority of battlers, but... Eh. Lol.
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    Community POTW #46

    I know, that's why I was kidding. Lol. And yeah, that's Escavalier's selling point. ...So yeh. Lol.
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    The Counter Index

    There's different versions and alterations for different Charts of this nature. XYZ is alot different than XYU, no?
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    The Counter Index

    Yeah, but it's not a guide. Build it, it will work, I'd probably use it, but it's nowhere going to be reliable as you think. Plus, IMO, you should chart the repurcussions of what those random occurances do, as when that Focus Miss doesn't hit TTar or your Dragonite get's Crit'd, most people...
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    Soak:a great move or useless?

    Useless, but I think someone said something about Eviolite Rhydon w/ LightningRod in doubles, and Soak... Of course, absolute gimmick, but hey, people still use Swampert XD [/Analogy]
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    Community POTW #46

    lololololol, wut varent u runin/ But yeah, I'm siding with BH on this one. I'm not going to explain everything she's said already. LOL.
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    Dragonite. Broekn.

    ...Broken? Nah. It's good, but not broken. It's gonna get a suspect test, but I doubt it'll get banned. If it DOES get banned, which I doubt, it would be for it's great spot on any team that wants a Phazer/Parashuffler/Bulky SetterUpper/CBer... Yeah. He's not broken, just gets alot done. I...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I personally dislike Hoenn, as they got stuff wrong, but there was also a bunch of stuff they got pretty darn right. I'm just glad this isn't a Johto Hate thread. LOL. EDIT: Yeah, the games are good though. I bought an Emerald game last year, despite me being around 5 years late... LOL.
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    The Counter Index

    Exceptional Idea, and it should work well, but uh... you're only accounting for the Pokemon. 1v1 is an actual tier on Smogon, but not competitive play generally used (OU, Standard). Honestly, this makes alot of since, but those misses, cirts, stat alterations and everything else kills battles or...
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    Claimed Probopass. -Waits- EDIT: Actually, now that you say that I shoulda went for it. LOL.

    Claimed Probopass. -Waits- EDIT: Actually, now that you say that I shoulda went for it. LOL.
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    Heya! Long time no chat. Guess which Pokemon I just claimed?

    Heya! Long time no chat. Guess which Pokemon I just claimed?
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    Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

    Old claim: Nidoran♂ --- WeatherEffectRain --- May 29, 2011 New claim: Probopass --- WeatherEffectRain --- November 13, 2011
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    Community POTW #46

    Yay Escavalier! Honestly the most awesome bug I've seen, and with enough power to lol at walls, and that awesome design, it's gotta be good, right? Yehno. Despite all that, lol 2 reasons, it's got a suckish movepool - Competitively consisting of Iron Head, Pursuit, Megahorn, Swords Dance...
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    Anti-Metagame Pokemon

    No one said Roserade? Gosh that thing is a beast in Weather. Techni Magical Leaf, Techni Weather Ball, Leaf Storm, -Insert filler 'cause movepool is rather shallow-. I run it on my Anti-Metagame team, and it's workin' pretty well. There's also Abomasnow, who just wrecks late-game, with Wood...
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    Weird Evolutions

    Magmortar looks different than Magmar? True, the Cannons, potbelly and Spikes are new, but... Merge flamey things on head into one, put flames on shoulders, Cannon-ify hands, Spikes, Pot Belly, it's a new sensation of duck evolution. But yeah. Umm... Anyone else think it's wierd how...
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    Alright, I'mma post this revision of something I've been thinking of that, IMO, would be one BAMF ROM Hack. First of all, it would be able to be done with HG/SS Platform, because you'd start in Kanto - if my lurking has taught me well enough, you just can edit everything but the locations...
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    Middle Cup Team on PO. "What?"

    Lol, this is the older version of my team. Thank you, I know but OK Lol. (And you could also put 12 in one stat BTW) For..? I have a newer version of this team that doesn't even run Magmar. Lol, sorry if this seems brash, but I have a newer version of this team here. It's got some...
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    Nidoking Discussion Thread

    Well I'd only run Timid if I needed to - The drop in power I dislike. And Life Orb probably is used more though, Nidoking does have that Wallbreaker feel to it. Lol. I mean actual walls. Also, I just found out that as of October Nidoking's usage is No. 74 in OU, and in UU it's 35. Lol.
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    Nidoking Discussion Thread

    ^Unless Scarfed, then the added speed is unnecissary. Unless I missed something. But yeah. All this talk combined with my bias means I'mma go make a Nidoking team now. Lol.
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    Nidoking Discussion Thread

    Oh, I getcha. I just divided by 3 and added. Lol. *Edits in* Hey, doesn't that mean Nidoking has the same Base SAtk as Kerudio? Well cool then. And, then, assuming Grey has Elemental Punches, using your method it's... 138? Wow. That's awesome. Too bad he has to use a weaker EQ if that...