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    Pokemon White Elite Four Team

    This is the team I made (with the help of a few friends) that I'm using yo fight the Elite Four. It still needs a bit of work, but I'll get it eventually. ------------------------------- :503:Samurott ~Surf ~(Hidden Power maybe?) ~Grass Knot ~Megahorn Modest Nature...
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    Please rate my Pokemon Black team

    Thanks to Shine, the most epic person in the world, he has helped me get pretty good moveset for my team, even though all I did was say "hey heres a few Pokemon I like, I need some movesets, please help" lol. Anyway this is it, the team has been very successful in wifi battles, and I would to...
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    RMT/Probably the Best Team Ever/Unova Style

    Okay, I wouldn't say the best team ever, I've seen teams that are way better than mine, but I can't think of a better tittle for this thread, so I use it. Again, I covered all 17 types, took me hours to build this team, so I hope it's really good. Serperior @ Leftovers Overgrow Ability...
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    Rate My Team/ Probably The Best Team Ever

    Like the title says, this is probably the best team ever! I have literally checked like ten time and I have covered ever single type there is known to man. I just need someone to rate and thats really it, well that and a few suggestions to improve my team. Serperior @ Leftovers Timid Nature...
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    Yin And Yang/ Pokemon White Legendary And Regular Pokemon Team

    I'll Make It Fair To My Friends [Even Though They Won't Be Fair To Me] And Use Three Average Pokemon And Three Legendary Pokemon. Thats Really It =P. :497:Serperior: -Leaf Blade -Dragon Tail -Coil -Leech Seed Item: Leftovers Nature: Lonely Ability: Overgrow ;157;Typhlosion...
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    No More Mister Nice Pokemon Trainer!/Pokemon Legendary Team

    Okay, That's It, I Have Lost Like 90% Of My Battles Cuz Of My Friends Using All Legendaries In Their Teams. Well Then, I Guess If You Can't Beat'em, Join Them. Yes I Know the New Rules With WFi Battling, You Can't Have Certain Legendary Pokemon In Your Team, But I Don't Do The Random Matchup...
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    Rate My Team/Pokemon Black WiFi/Casual Team

    Alright I'm back and i've made my team. This is what I have so far... Samurott: -Aqua Jet -Megahorn -Waterfall -Swords Dance Item: Leftovers Nature: Adamant Ability: Torrent Haxorus: -Outrage -Eartquake -Brick Break -Dragon Claw Item: Choice Band Nature: Adamant Ability: Mold...
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    Please Help Me Out/ Rate My Team

    Can you guys please help me with my pokemon black wi-fi team, im having a hard time choosing my pokemon, this is all have so far - - Shiny Haxorus - - -Reshiram -Zekrom I want to do a unova starter as one of my pokemon, but i dont know which starter is the strongest and...