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    The Team (Ruby)

    Marshtomp Lv.37 Trait: Torrent Nature: Bashful Strength Rock Tomb Mud Shot Surf Kadabra Lv.46 Trait: Synchronize Nature: Rash Psychic Shadow Ball Recover Shock Wave Swellow Lv. 33 Trait: Guts Nature: Docile Fly Endeavor Steel Wing Quick Attack Ninjask Lv. 36 Trait...
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    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    Personally, I'd like to see something like Colosseum and XD's Mt.Battle. A place with 100 battles in a row, you earn EXP. for each Pokemon defeated and a reward of some sort after every ten battles and a larger reward for completing the 100. They could put it in place of the game corner (HGSS's...
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    Trash Can Thread

    Name- IceCold FC- 2622-5092-5250 Timezone- Adelaide (GMT +9:30)
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    My Soul Silver team.

    'k I'm about to take on the pokemon league. I've evolved the main team as far as I can too. Suggestions?
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    My Soul Silver team.

    I just beat the Cerulean Gym. This is my team- Lugia Lv.50 Nature- Brave Item- N/A Extrasensory Surf Hydro Pump Aeroblast Pidgeot Lv.38 Nature- Docile Item- Sharp Beak Twister U-Turn Fly Quick Attack Kangaskhan Lv. 44 Nature- Docile Item- Silk Scarf Outrage Strength...
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    Which character are you best which in Mario Kart Wii?

    Yoshi, Rosalina or DK. I'm equally good with all of them.
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    How did you react when you first saw Miror B.?

    I wanted to hug him. He is the awesomest pokemon character ever!
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    I put it in the ref queue and wait for a ref to pick it up and start it.

    I put it in the ref queue and wait for a ref to pick it up and start it.
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    Serebii.net turns 10

    Happy birthday SPP! Heres hoping for another 10 years of the glorious Serebii empire!
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    Rate my teams (Ruby/FR)

    Current Teams: Ruby (At Victory Road) Sceptile LV 51 Ability: Overgrow Fury Cutter Pursuit Leaf Blade Quick Attack Swellow LV 36 Ability: Guts Fly Endeavor Steel Wing Quick Attack Linoone LV 33 Ability: Pickup Strength Surf Rock Smash Thief Regirock LV 49 Ability...
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    What makes you restart the game?

    Usually I restart out of boredom.
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    The Nicknaming Contest ~ 0910 Edition

    Bidoof, Rattata and Zigzagoon/Sentret The scary set.
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    Weakest in existence?

    ^ Have you ever heard of bounce? Its a strong move. On Topic: Sunkern is still weakest by base stats but there are many who have a worse movepool and are therefore a lot worse off.
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    Woh, there. Isn't that a little much for a children's game?

    On route 22 in firered theres a picnicker that says "I wish my boyfriend was as good as you."
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    The Nicknaming Contest ~ 0910 Edition

    Yay, MAH FLAMEZ :D! Lugia: Gi-Gi-Gi Don't annoy mah three little friends or else! Aeromaster Ho-Oh: Ho ho ho Ho Oh Ho Beaky Mr.Rainbow Mari-oh Celebi: If I could turn back time... Greenie Serebii Joe Peace man.. \/
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    You Copycat!

    I do. He's like the only one on this board who knows what he is talking about. Plus watching him rip into stupid people can be worth a good laugh sometimes. On topic, as for the pokemon being copies of each other, you've got a point based on stats but for the creatures they are based off...
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    The Nicknaming Contest ~ 0910 Edition

    Chikorita- Chiko Roll Leafy Green Alien Chikki Person Psycho Stalker Cyndaquil- Pablo Mousey Thing MAH FLAMEZ Totodile- Jaws Snappy Aqua Crunch Crunchie CRUNCH CRUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!
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    I'm happy with you reffing. Thanks for taking it.

    I'm happy with you reffing. Thanks for taking it.
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    Hacked Pokemon

    As long as they have legit moves and stats, I couldn't really care less. I hack to get pokemon that are unobtainable to me if you don't like it, deal with it. I don't have wi-fi anyway.
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    game times

    Platinum- 678:45 Pearl- 999:59 Firered- 919:32 Ruby- 970:56 Red- 60:40 Crystal- 999:59 Colosseum- 99:59 XD- 99:59 Total- 4827:09..... Christ, I need a life.