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  1. K

    I-It's not like I'd l-love for you to to rate my team or anything!

    Haha sorry for the lame tsundere title and all but really I'd appreciate any feedback on my team. *Also, if I have any slashes it's because of suggestions. First slash is my preferred choice at the moment. This is my OU team btw* 1) Archeops @ Flying Gem Ability: Defeatist EVs: 4HP 252 Atk...
  2. K

    Steins;Gate (psh alternate setting what trubbish)

    So I finished Chaos;head a week ago because it was made before steins;gate/is apparently an alternate setting, and started off on the new Steins;Gate with a bitter taste in my mouth. Little did I know it's everything Chaos;Head wished it could be and more. Here's the description and reviews...