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    Egg hatching experiences: What hatched from you egg?

    My 10km egg hatched into a Pinsir (-_-'') Which I already had of course. I really hoped it would be Lapras, Dratini or Chansey, but nooooo :(
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    Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Rescue Thread

    I've fainted in Revelation Mountain on the 8F.... I tried rescuing myself, but I also fainted. Who want to come and rescue me?
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    Pokemon Go Plus!

    I see a lot of 'win actions' on Facebook for the Pokémon GO Plus. The price is too expensive for me to buy one. If it was 10 dollars, I probably would buy it...
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    The Random Curve On Ball Throws....

    Happened to me too. It seems quite random though, but it seems to happen the most after I feed the Pokémon a Razz berry.
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    What's your team?

    Team Mystic. First I thought you just had to pick a color so I actually wanted to pick red, but then I reached level 5 and read what each team stands for and believes in, and Team Mystic appealed the most to me. In the end, I'm happy I picked Team Mystic because Articuno is my favorite of the...
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    Funny PokéStop/Gym Locations

    The retirement home in my town is a Pokémon Gym. And the cemetery in my town is a Pokéstop, maybe a bit disrespectful? Because when I click on the Pokéstop it says 'War cemetery'.
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    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    I always have to walk a bit from where I park my car to where I work, so when I walk to work I play Pokémon GO. That way I'll get extra km for my eggs, and maybe catch some Pokémons on the way. Today I caught Drowzee, Magikarp and a Poliwag. Poliwag is new to my Dex so I'm happy. And when I...
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    Has Pokémon GO increased your amount of activity outside by a lot?

    A little bit. When I have a day off work and I feel like it, I'll take a stroll, usually around 4 to 5 km (around 3 miles).
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    Mega Evolution Discussion & Speculation Thread

    I'd love to see Mega Dragonite, and if that ever happens, hopefully it'll look cool (unlike Mega Ampharos, but that's just my opinion)
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    Tying in with Sun and Moon?

    That would be interesting. I'd really like for something like this to happen. Or if you could transfer Pokémon from the app to the game, but I doubt that will happen (seems a bit impossible because the app uses CP instead of levels)
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    Inaccurate Pokemon Distance

    I read somewhere that three footprints is 200 meters, two is 100 meters, one is 50 meters and zero is within 0-50 meters. So your calculation seems to be right :)
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    Egg hatching experiences: What hatched from you egg?

    Hatched a Bulbasaur this week and a Bellsprout. I currently have a 5km and 10km egg. The 10km egg is halfway, I'm really curious.