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    #647 Keldeo

    ill take any keldeo just need one havent got anything to trade but help would be much appreciated ... thanks
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    Any body still playing these games?

    does anybody have a heart gold kyogre to loan me so i can get my rayquaza please
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    #382 Kyogre

    looking for a kyogre from heart gold so i can obtain my rayquaza from soul silver can be a trade or a loan thankyou please get in touch
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    #155 Cyndaquil / #156 Quilava / #157 Typhlosion

    can anyone please help me with a cyndaquil no preferance just would like one pm me thankyou
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    #374 Beldum / #375 Metang / #376 Metagross

    can anybody help me out with an egg beldum doesnt matter what type just want it to play my game through would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    #371 Bagon / #372 Shelgon / #373 Salamence

    hi would like a bagon for my adventure , any nature preferably an egg i havent got anything to trade really other than an oshawott haha if you could help would be greatly appreciated
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    #258 Mudkip / #259 Marshtomp / #260 Swampert

    Hi there just starting white 2 again and would like ro start with a mudkip, would anybody be able to help me out by giving me a mudkip, doesnt matter what nature move. Set whatever just from lvl 1 would be a massive help thankyou and please pm me if you can be awesome and help
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    #381 Latios

    after a latios or latias any kind will trade a lvl 48 lugia or reshiram and also have others please contact me via message
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    #004 Charmander / #005 Charmeleon / #006 Charizard

    Looking for any low level charmander and Squirtle , mainly for nostalgia than anything will use for battle but just getting one I'd be a friend for lifefor life, I have stuff like totodile chicorita and new gen starters zoroa eevees and more to offer please help inbox me please Thanks
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    #381 Latios

    Looking for a Latios will trade a lugia reahiram zekrom or many many more please inbox me