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    Rexasaurus' Roadside Trading Stand

    Hey all! Since beating Y version, I've begun breeding Pokemon, and trading around, trying to get some nice Pokemon for trades. I'm a little new to the whole online Pokemon scene so be patient with me, but I have several Pokemon available for trade. Pokemon Available: Bulbasaur, Charmander...
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    Just got Mewtwo and Mewtwonite Y, and ran into Moltres for the first time shortly before that. Now time to go for Zygarde!
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    So I finished the main game last night after binging for 3 days on it. My team changed several times from what I had thought, but I am really happy with it. Malamar, one that I was not going to have, is a massive powerhouse. Anyway, now I'm doing my usual breeding of Eevees and starters for the...
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    Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

    Finding myself really disappointed with the lack of Bug-types in Kalos, but here's my proposed Y team so far. Greninja Dragalge (The whole reason I've decided Y) Trevenant - The Ghost/Grass type seemed like a good fit. Talonflame - More or less I wasn't a fan of other flying or fire type...
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    Starters Discussion Thread v2

    I get that ninjas are all stealthy and hide in the shadows, but they are also combat oriented. I picture dark type as more monstrous, rather than like a ninja I guess. But to each his own.
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    Starters Discussion Thread v2

    I was initially pretty set on Chespin, but now I'm on Team Froakie. Although I do still wish that Froakie's end typing would've been Water/Fighting, and then have Chespin be Grass/Dark. I just feel like the Dark type doesn't mesh with the ninja appearance...he should be Fighting. Meh. Still <3...