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  1. K

    US and Puerto Rico Arceus Distribution Dates Revealed!

    lol. im just saying because i watched this video on youtube where the kid stayed inside the car (which was pretty far from the toyrus door) to get his event shaymin.
  2. K

    US and Puerto Rico Arceus Distribution Dates Revealed!

    you don't actually have to go inside toys'r'us to get to do you?
  3. K

    Destiny bond wouldnt work

    ok. the first time i tried using destiny bond, i was battlng a kingdra with the mismagius. i knew she would die because of her low def. so i used destiny bond and got hit by waterfall. i was still alive. so i used energy ball next round, got hit by waterfall again, and feinted. nothing happened...
  4. K

    Destiny bond wouldnt work

    Ok basically i was doing the battle factory today and i had the mismagius with destiny bond. thing is everytime i used destiny bond and the mismagius was knocked out by the opponent, nothing happened. the other guys never fainted. anyone else ever get this problem? im just p***ed it happened...
  5. K

    The role of Kanto in Heart Gold/Soul Silver

    don't know if anyone brought it up yet but yeah, whats gonna happen with the pokemon house in viridian city? you think we are still going to be able to do the simulation battle in the basement? it was a pretty good way to train back in GSC even though it was only once a day
  6. K

    Platinum Help Thread [2.0] [READ THE FIRST POST FIRST]

    hey i dont know if this was asked before but anyway, when i look at my friends list on my pal pad, it says they are in a group (i.e my friends group is koreans). but when i play my friends game and check his pal pad, it doesnt have me listed as being in any group. basically im just wondering...
  7. K

    hey do you still have any sableyes left?

    hey do you still have any sableyes left?
  8. K

    Pokemon Cries

    the older cries i think are better. i hate magnezones cry. he sounds like douche bag
  9. K

    Platinum Glitch Discussion Thread

    My friends Empoleon turned into a Munchlax during a battle...and it was still a Munchlax after the battle. Had to restart his ds and it was Empoleon again.
  10. K

    Who's gonna be your starter?

    Chikorita man! I've always preferred the grass starters