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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]

    Hi! LF: Female Murkrow FT: Female Misdreavus. I want a female one to be able to breed and so that the experience it gets is on par with the rest of my Pokémon. Switch FC: 6530-9563-2423.
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    Reminded me to exactly the same! But I appreciate it, better finding items and training than in a box.
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    Community POTW #154

    Positives: + Great Special Attack stat and decent Speed. + 2 superb abilities which give him unpredictability. Both are very good. + Quite straightforward to use and dangerous. Negatives: - Very frail, especially on the special side! - Awful defensive typing with many weaknesses and a 4x...
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I like both Ice-type lines, although it's disappointing for me that they just get Snow Cloak, when things like Glaciate or Snow Warning exist; they could have got new abilities as well... As for Exeggutor, I guess I have to get used to it, I don't like that new form. Grass-Dragon can be good though.
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    Community POTW #143

    Please no other abilities other than Magic Guard, it's just too good compared to kazam's other situational abilities. Alakazam is to frail to be taking Fake outs or Jirachi's Iron Heads, so Inner Focus is just bad. Magic Guard makes Kazam immune to entry hazards, so focus sash sets should run it...
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    Community POTW #138

    Primal Dialga was so cool in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. But sadly another Primal Pokémon, Primal Groudon, heavily hurts it in Ubers, as it is a great Stealth Rock setter. It is recommended to pair Dialga with Golduck, as Golduck can hit Groudon through Desolate Land thanks to its ability and OHKO...
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    Community POTW #137

    Only one set? Substitute, Leech Seed, Glare, Taunt are all very viable.
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    Community POTW #132

    Another option to consider is Flame Plate to bluff a Choice Item while retaining a powerful Sacred Fire, but ESpeed will be much weaker and you'll have a worse cleaner.
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    Community POTW #123

    Stick to hazards, things like Contrary Shell Smash and Power Trick are ridiculous and don't work on any serious battle.
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    Community POTW #097

    Please no Entrainment, not even in Doubles, that sounds good on paper but against a decent player it is horrible, and in singles, Pyroar is better off just attacking, it's too fragile to spend a turn doing that. And when the opponent switches out they recover their ability. For using...
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    Community POTW #097

    Pyroar is cool but its offensive movepool leaves a lot to be desired, relying on Fire Blast, Hyper Voice and Hidden Power. It also has bad bulk, is weak to Mach Punch and Aqua Jet, and in higher tiers it is outclassed by other Pokémon. But in tiers like NU, it shines due to being very fast and...
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    Community POTW #067

    Gothitelle has Shadow Tag as its niche, there are certain Pokémon that it can trap, set up and kill... Her problems are team preview (your opponent knows you have Gothitelle, and will be careful) and lack of Speed. Note that team preview can also help, as maybe the opponent, being nervous...
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    6th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    So, after beating Pokémon Y a while ago, I hacve decided to beat Pokémon X with a nuzlocke challenge. I won't be using the Exp. Share because... simply because it's broken, and ruined my experience in Pokémon Y a bit. I will (try to) nickname all my Pokémon, and if I have already caught/seen a...
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    Community POTW #034

    Talonflame is more of a check than a counter, Talonflame cannot switch into a Return or Quick Attack at all, but once it is in, it OHKOes Pinsir with priority Brave Bird. And Articuno isn't a good counter. It has Ice attacks, sure, but Return will hurt it a lot, Pinsir outspeeds Articuno. And...
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    Community POTW #020

    What is this? Magcargo? Really? Magcargo sucks in every possible way even in the lowest tier! C'mon Serebii, stop using the random number generator for every Pokémon, and by these times only do that with OU-worthy Pokémon, because Magcargo, Skuntank, etc., we still don't know how will their tier...
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    Community POTW #017

    Yes! Finally a Pokemon that is OU worthy! I think the generator should be restricted to Pokémon that are going to be OU or at least viable, not **** like Skuntank, or Swellow, which will be good, but in their respective tiers, and then is when their analysis would be good.
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    Community POTW #010

    Another great Pokémon for NU that gets an analysis too soon. Skuntank makes a good supporter for a team, thanks to Sucker Punch + Taunt + Pursuit... In a low tier. Seriously, Skuntank isn't viable in OU, its stats are really bad.
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    Community POTW #009

    Even with its new Fairy-type, Mr. Mime is really bad in OU, it should just stick to Baton Pass. It's a pity this analysis arrives before NU exists, because there Mr. Mime will be a decent Pokémon.
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    Charoshi, take a Wingull, it must be caught surfing at Route 115 and its level must be lower than 15 in order to catch it. You must wait to evolve it until it learns Quick Attack at Level 31 and it beats a Pokémon faster than it with it. It can never forget Quick Attack.
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    3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    Congratulations Zyon! You've just done the most diificult part of the challenge, as the Sevii Islands are fairly easy. A few things I'd like to comment... You know, even if Shadow Ball lowers your Sp. Defense, it's still physical (Gen. 3 doesn't have the Physical/Special split) so it doesn't...