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  1. diesglamouris

    Favorite pokeboy?

    I voted Takeshi because he's a legend and I like him being the mature voice of the group, although here I'm probably biased by the nostalgia. The other boys were fine. Special mentions for Dento (I've really enjoyed his tasting times) and Clemont (because the future is now thanks to science).
  2. diesglamouris

    Favorite pokegirl?

    I like everyone of them as Satoshi's companions and Pokégirls by their own merits, but my vote is for Lillie simply because her plot and her friendship with the boy is what I've enjoyed the most in a certain moment of my life. Although Hikari has also a meaningful and enjoyable development, Iris...
  3. diesglamouris

    What's next for YOU in this franchise?

    I don't really care about Liko being or not a battler, honestly. A female battler would be nice, but as I've once said, this series is focusing less on battles in general.
  4. diesglamouris

    Do you think Riko and Sprigatito will become popular, if not iconic at some point?

    For Liko, who knows. If writers choose to make her Satosere's daughter (Arceus forbids), clearly her popularity would rise. But the right thing would be to give her a meaningful plot, an adventure her audience want to follow. Hopefully, with this reboot and untied to the old formula, writers...
  5. diesglamouris

    Goh's Most controversial capture

    Yeah. You may justify Goh capturing Suicune because of being badly hurt, but it still makes you wonder why writers never gave Satoshi the opportunity to catch and tame a legendary and instead give tons of easy catches and even legendaries to the new boy. It feels kinda unfair.
  6. diesglamouris

    Now that the dust has been settled, Who was the Biggest Fandom Troll?

    Really there were people believing characters would catch these animals? Lol.
  7. diesglamouris

    Things the next Anime could do to improve upon the last.

    To have an actual plotline for these three years, and not to change it every quarter or if this season receives harsh criticism (based in "no Satoshi"). Please not another Gohry Stu / Mary Sue. Characters should learn and grow because of their travel. Most shippings, as a mind novel of the...
  8. diesglamouris

    What were the highlights of Journeys for you?

    Alola episodes. Koharu episodes. Prior companions returning, battling and cheering. (The way writers handled Serena's was 10/10.) The last episodes of M8 semifinals and finals. Satoshi and PikaGOD winning the PWC.
  9. diesglamouris

    What were the negative parts of Journeys for you?

    Gohry Stu. Regional trips lasting one episode and to unrepresentative settings. (At least writers fixed that later.) PWC overall poorly executed. Production issues in the last year. That Team Rocket gatcha.
  10. diesglamouris

    ash question

    Because of the plot.
  11. diesglamouris

    Goh's Most controversial capture

    Suicune was the first and the saltiest, iirc. I wasn't watching the anime that time, but saw a lot of controversy in social media. For the other situations, I saw almost nothing.
  12. diesglamouris

    What's next for YOU in this franchise?

    Actually, I'm excited. Unlike some of yours, I never considered Satoshi as my childhood hero. Not more than Tai Yagami, Yugi Muto or Ikki Tenryo, for sure. But Pokémon is one of the least franchises I continue following until now. I like Pokémon not as a story of a boy, but as a universe that...
  13. diesglamouris

    What is something you would do to fix your least favorite character?

    Give Goh real battles to catch his first animals. At least writers abandoned the capture festival at some point.
  14. diesglamouris

    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    Big changes in series format and tone, an art style very divergent from the others and almost no references about Satoshi's Kalosian adventures. For me, all this counts as "reset", but I know that concept is debatable.
  15. diesglamouris

    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    I don't know how it was back in 2010, but this time even the 11-chapters special promo says this is Satoshi's "final chapter". And as many have said, the JN world tour and all the returns and the PWC-M8 thing felt like his final series. There's nothing more. It's like winning the World Cup...
  16. diesglamouris

    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    People hating someone from a poster aren't meant to be taken so seriously, I think. The same for those who believe a female strong leader won't appeal boys. We grow watching Sailor Moon or Xena The Warrior Princess, you know.
  17. diesglamouris

    New 11 episode series, "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokemon Master", starts January 13th 2023

    They didn't say he'll stay another full generation (or anything specific), only that "his travel will continue" or so. This is the continuation. Hopefully with Lillie. Still want to know how Satoshi got her Poké Doll.
  18. diesglamouris

    December 9th: PM2019 135 - Pokémon! I Am Glad I Got To Meet You!

    I'd say yes, they both are. Every series has its own companions, so it wouldn't be a surprise.
  19. diesglamouris

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    Nah, it's the anime, well known for messing the game's plot and characters. If writers could bring back to school Trial Capitains and even a League runner-up, what could prevent them from doing the same with a self-nerfed Champion? Paldea has an "official" Champion already.
  20. diesglamouris

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    If writing wants, we'll have a Satoshi mentoring a newbie Nemona.