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    Is it good?

    wow im getting pretty tired of saying this to other people but im going to try and put this out nicely. EVS PLEASE SO WE CAN RATE IT BETTER.
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    Rate My Trick Twisters.

    Might be best if you provide us with EVs.
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    Some suggestions?

    Blissey@Leftovers Bold 252 Hp/252 Def/6 Spdef Seismic Toss Softboiled Aromatherapy Thunderwave/Ice Beam/Sing Standard Blissey and #1 special wall, as mentioned before. Empoleon@Leftovers Calm 252 Hp/4 Satk/252 Sdef Surf Ice Beam Stealth Rock Yawn/Roar/Grass Knot Specs mence counter. But it...
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    For those of you who care to rate what it is you click on...

    Starmie 172 Hp/120 Spatk/216 Spd I think are the standard EVs.
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    I challenged Marriland!!!!! advice for this team

    Might want to give us the EVs of your pokemon so we can rate this team better.
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    rmt please

    Your movesets are bad. Your natures are messed up. thats why.
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    Team Go-Getters XD

    Dragon Claw>Dragon Rush on Dragonite for accuracy. Expert Belt>Choice Band and Ice Punch>Fire Punch on Electivire for coverage. Trick>Recover on Alakazam cause you have Choice specs. It speaks for itself. Impish/Careful>Timid on Claydol. Take out Blastoise. Its main purpose is rapid...
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    Ummmm...can anyone give me a good title eh its a rmt there

    If you want Sceptile to get a BP boost from Scizor, wouldnt it be smart to lead with it? Your team needs a special wall.
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    Mah team

    Really, why do people lead with walls? Forretress makes a terrible lead. Try something else for your lead.
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    My 2nd team! rate! Rate!! RATE!!!!

    Dusknoir@Leftovers Careful 252 Hp/76 Def/180 Spdef Thunderpunch Fire Punch/Shadow Sneak Will-O-Wisp Pain Split An Anti-Spinning Dusknoir. Something that your team needs due to the fact that Stealth Rock and Spikes are RSed. Although, I dont think your team is DESPERATE for it, just a suggestion.
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    My Even Newer Final Team

    Raikou::::::: HP Ice kills off Flygon Shadow Ball kills off Cresselia Thunderbolt kills off Skarm Lucario is well....safe HP Ice again, kills Salamence Shadow Ball kills Mismagius
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    Here's something to grab your interest.

    Starmie isnt really a Gyra counter, though Weezing sure is: Weezing@Black Sludge Bold 252 Hp/252 Def/6 Spd Sludge Bomb Thunderbolt/Will-O-Wisp Haze Pain Split Standard Weezing and great Gyra counter
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    RMT in prog + help fill 1st spot

    Instead of argueing about switching in and Weaviles, why not make Weavile your lead? Weavile@Choice Band/Expert Belt Jolly 40 Hp/252 Atk/216 Spd Pursuit Ice Punch/Ice Shard Brick Break Night Slash/Aerial Ace Standard revenge killing Weavile and a great lead. EDIT:Wow.....fast typers -_-
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    My almost ultimate team (in making)

    Hyper Beam moves(AKA Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, Hyper Beam, Rock Wrecker and Giga Impact) fail in competitive battling. Aqua Ring fails as it only heals like, barely anything and loses affect when switching out. Double Team....people have evasion clause. Read serebiis pokedex for...
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    RMT (Standard)

    Your team is all sweepers and no walls. Try stuffing in walls like Skarmory or Blissey in your team so it wont get killed off by other sweepers.
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    *Lols at Mags EVs* Steel Killer Magnezone:172 Hp/252 Spatk/84 Spd All out Attacker Magnezone:88 Hp/88 Atk/248 Spatk/84 Spd
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    whats a good moveset for blissey?

    Peck on Mamoswine because believe it or not, with Choice Band it can potentially OHKO Heracross or other Fighting pokemon like Breloom.
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    Pimpin (RMT)

    Your Salamence looks more like a Choice Bander. So....put in Choice Band>Muscle Band.
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    Rate my team(still needs some work)

    Drill Peck or Brave Bird>Aerial Ace on Skarm. Skarms EVs are more 252 Hp/96 Atk/156 Def/4 Spd-ish.
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    What would be the "perfect" pokemon game?

    The perfect pokemon game...... Idea 1-Better story lines(Pokemon games tend to have bad ones) Idea 2-On the wii Idea 3-You can travel through all regions after the elite 4