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    IV Bred Trading Thread

    Anyone got a 5iv Dusclops or Dusknoir , i can trade either a 5iv Tyrunt Adament with Strong jaw or Female 5iv Froakie with Protean
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    Alexis's XY/ORAS Shop

    Sounds good, is there any other pokemon you will accept?
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    Alexis's XY/ORAS Shop

    ok,mine is Pre-release
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    Alexis's XY/ORAS Shop

    ok,Do you have Diancie
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    Alexis's XY/ORAS Shop

    You willing to trade [ENG] Birth Island Deoxys :: Lv30 ut :: Timid :: Taunt, Pursuit, Psychic, Superpower for JPN CoroCoro Charizard Y 03154 Relaxed
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    Flare Café- 'Cause we be Fabulous

    Does that Birth island Deoxys have decent ivs?
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    Event Trading Thread

    LF a Dexoys Timid or Jolly with Decent ivs FT: Event Charizard 03154 Relaxed Pre-relased Diancie Adament 3ivs
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    DryBones' Event Shop

    will you be willing to trade ANA Darkrai - 12270 - Modest 10th (Pokemon Movie 2007) Deoxys - 07147 - Timid for my JPN Charizard ID 03154 Relaxed JPN Chandelure ID 05072 Modest
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    ✿' deering`s trade shop ▋open

    i am not able to clone sorry
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    ✿' deering`s trade shop ▋open

    you willing to trade that tyrunt for a 5iv Froakie Protean
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    Event Trading Thread

    i have JPN Event Chandelure ID 05072 looking for Shiny 5iv Timid Greninja(nickname able plz)
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    Claw's Trade Thread (Breeding, Shinies, and Cloning)

    you willing to trade your Shiny Timid Protean Froakie | 31/x/31/31/31/31 | Egg Moves: None for my Event chandelure
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    LF Shiny Froakie/Greninja 5iv with Timid or modest, pm
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    Alexis's XY/ORAS Shop

    i got my darkrai and deoxys, thank you tho for your time
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    thxz for the trade

    thxz for the trade
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    Britt's Shiny and Event Shop

    Do you have a Non Event Darkrai or Deoxys for trade?
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    Alexis's XY/ORAS Shop

    Do you have any Darkrai or Deoxys for trade?
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    EV Trained Pokemon Trading Thread

    LF Darkrai-timd Deoxys-adament attack form, i have some shinys to trade , pm for details
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    Delmis' Shiny/Event Shop

    What are the natures or Shiny Alakazam and Tyrunt. im also interested in non shiny Darkrai. are you willing to trade for Shinys
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    Thank you very much

    Thank you very much