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    September 14th/21st - Kanto arc

    Better hope for the Gen 8 anime to be **** too, if you want more characters to return. Clearly this is an attempt to salvage a terrible series and a terrible 20th Anniversary Movie by throwing some obscenely out of nowhere fanservice at us. The only times old characters will return is to fix the...
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    Come Forth, Lycanroc with the Crimson Look!! (970)

    I'm pretty sure Gladion mentioned the Akala Trials (I guessed he said something about beating the Grand Trial to get Z-Crystal he used). Wish we had gotten Pikachu vs Lycanroc, seeing how strong Lycanroc was. Does anyone know what Gladion said while using the Z-Move? It's clearly like the...
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    Intense Electric Shock Training! A Rematch with Tapu Koko!! (962)

    Did Electric Field disappear while Ash used Gigavolt Havoc? It looked like the yellow glow was gone. Do we have any idea of the moves Tapu Koko used? I couldn't tell what they were. Tapu Koko seems to want Ash to use Gigavolt Havoc. Wonder what he was doing to make the Z-Crystal glow.
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    For Real?! Mallow's Cooking Operation! (961)

    I'm pretty sure Bounsweet hitting Rowlet so often gave it a crap ton of experience. Gotta be it.
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    For Real?! Mallow's Cooking Operation! (961)

    I mean, I'm no cook, but why would anyone think adding electricity to their food is a good idea? Did that book tell Mallow to do it?
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    Alola Detective Rotom! The Mystery of the Lost Crystal!! (960)

    Rotom connecting with the camera was cool. The expressions were absolutely over the top this episode, especially Kiawe. I mean, did he plan to commit murder at multiple occassions?
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    A Tiny Trio on a Big Adventure!! (959)

    Those TRio expressions, kill me. It took them 16 episodes to get it done, but it was worth the wait. Wait, they got caught. Suppose we can't have TRio be flattened this early.
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    A Tiny Trio on a Big Adventure!! (959)

    What the hell. The starters have been absolutely hillarious, between them just talking to each other, Rowlet doing Rowlet things and Popplio bouncing Rowlet while being adorable. I do like the way they have the Pokemon talk with each other. But, we got the Narrator again after the break. Isn't...
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    The Big Animé Move Catalog IV

    Kiawe's Turtonator -Flamethrower Does anyone know if they ever said that Kiawe's knew or used Flamethrower prior to this point? It probably used it in SM11 (though they never said so).
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    Scratchmark Hill, Rockruff and Lycanroc!! (958)

    Loved this episode. Rockruff trying his best to rip the Substitute open. Yes, violence is the lesson we want the kids to learn. The training scene might be one of my favorite scenes in SM so far, and we got to hear the rest of Alola! which was great. Kiawe pulling his best Alain impression...
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    The Extracurricular Lesson is on Mareanie?! (955)

    Gotta love the sounds Mimikyu's making. I expected Rowlet to sleep through the majority of the episode. Ekan and Koffing pls. Oh god, that Mimikyu expression. James taking a page from Lillie, before a Pokemon crushes on him.
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    Ash Visits Kiawe! (954)

    So, can anyone explain Kiawe's family to me? I got it that he had a younger sister, but were the other two his parents? Cause, they don't look very old. Though I suppose that's not all that surprising, with Lusamine being 40 and looking loke mid-twenty. Also, did his Charizard belong to his...
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    The Big Animé Move Catalog IV

    Kiawe's Turtonator did use a move in today's episode, though I don't think it was ever called out. I'd guess Flamethrower, but it could be something else.
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    Jan 26th: SM12 - The Extracurricular Lesson is on Hidoide?!

    Lillie and Mallow in a swimsuit already make this episode great. How Kiawe hitting the bubbles and not popping them works is the question though. Magic?
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    Ash Visits Kiawe! (954)

    Loved the fact that they actually went to Akala, instead of staying on Melemele. That Mallow appearance was unexpected. Kiawe's little sister is too cute. Sadly, chances of her appearing again are low. Why did Kiawe overreact as his little sister appeared? Pelipper's voice, oh god. Ash...
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    Sun & Moon, your thoughts now vs first thoughts

    At the very start, I was pretty meh. Later previews really improved my opinion and episode 1 and 2 caught me. Are there issues? Yes, but it's not like any series has been free of issues.
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    Jan 19th: SM11 - Satoshi Visits Kaki!

    I'm assuming we won't get to see Gigavolt Havoc here, with the preview showing Rowlet using Breakneck Blitz. And Kiawe's sister just looks too cute. Wonder how they will deal with Team Skull. I would love to see Ash and Kiawe working together to get rid of them. Please have them use their...
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    Will the Z-Move Work?! Challenging the Grand Trial!! (953)

    Wonder if Ash will even get the Fightium-Z now. If he gets a Pokemon which could use it later I could see him getting it, but with Tapu Koko doing his best troll impression, I don't know. Assuming Tapu Koko is going to acquire another Z-Crystal for Sophocles' Trial, unless Ash gets a Pikachu...
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    Feb 9th: SM14 - The Fruit of Courage: Lilie and Rokon!

    Who doesn't want to see Gladion's twitching sword hand (I don't know how I didn't notice it before)? Hopefully he's not as much of a colourful character. Hope Team Skull appears. They really need more than that one appearance in the first episode.
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    Feb 2nd: SM13 - The Great Alola Pancake Race!

    SM6 had its moments, so if they don't overdo it in this episode, it might not be all that bad. Look at last episode, it had some pretty fun things going on. Nothing too over the top or forced, so if they keep it at that level and make the filler not completely pointless there's hope.