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    Who has a complete dex? (Poll)

    I have all 491 released pokes, but i dont have all of them in my boxes. but i dont need all of them, just the ones i have eved.
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    If you could change one thing...

    I'd want an updated e4, and move tutors with the elemental punches + some other moves, and a possibility to battle people in their underground secretbases.
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    Aboveground Secret Base Locations in Sinnoh

    I'd make mine around snowpoint city, or sunyshore.
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    How often do you see ubers?

    I don't see ubers mostly, but when i do, i enjoy beating the **** out of them. The ubers i see the most is darkrai and mewtwo, but beating them is easy by outrunning them.
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    Favorate Burmy Evolution

    I prefer mothim and wormadam steel type, but steel is only because i like the metalpokes
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    What do you do most on your D/P?

    Im mostly battling, breeding, training and looking for items for the pokes, but sometimes i just walk around ingame with no reasons at all, just looking at stuff.
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    How do you sort your boxes?

    I organize them by pokemon type, and 2 boxes for EVd/breeded pokes
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    This game is TOO HARD.

    Well, i beated the E4 with 3 pokes in 55+, and it took me about 5 minutes, I think that they should make the E4 a bit better so that people can get a challenge, or make it harder from the 2nd time
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    Do you like the Baby Battles?

    The baby matches in pbr I agree is awesome, because they add a bit challenge to the game
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    Poll: Your Pokemon Name Format?

    I always use the standard format, but only WHEN I name pokes, the only pokes I name are the ones I EVtrain
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    How Many Stars Does Your Trainer Card Have?

    I have 2 stars, the E4 & all pokes in dex (took a LOT of time to complete)
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    Best Evolution Method

    I like the Area level up, but thats mostly for leafeon/glaceon, because I like just going around in the game, and with that method i can go around with a reason
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    Worst pokémon in D/P?

    I agree with Mesprit, Regigigas is the largest failure that pokecompany ever allowed, and the only reason is its ability.
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    How Many Eggs Have You Hatched?

    I've hatched 449 eggs, but thats mostly the breeding eggs. Its rare that i get any with good ivs, so i hatch a lot.
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    What is the most ribbons you have on a pokemon?

    I have 17 ribbons on my zapdos and 12 on my umbreon, but i have'nt tried so much to obtain ribbons, better try a little bit more
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    The one that got away...

    I found a shiny (think it was starly) at the start of the game, and ten minutes later, when I had used up all my pokeballs, I found a shiny shinx
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    How many of you give away your friend card after the Wi-fi battle?

    I always give mine out, but I think Ill quit when I have the rayquaza pass and only accept those who are really good and play fair
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    The best thing that happened to you on D/P

    The favourite thing that happened to me was that I caught a shiny staravia as the 2nd pokemon in a pokeradar chain
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    Have YOU Beaten Tower Tycoon Palmer yet?

    Ive beaten him a lot of times (1st time) but havent tried to do time 2, cus its boring to beat all the pokes without a reason (and getting another star on the trainercard(or more BP) is not a reason)
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    Worst pokémon in D/P?

    Well, i agree with xxarcxx, male combee is useless