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  1. beanDude

    Unpopular opinions on the male protagonists?

    He did have a very small amount of character development which happened at the very end of the season, he went from being an Oak fanboy to working up to courage to actually just ask to intern with him. But I agree with this sentiment, Tracey knew exactly what he wanted and its pretty obvious...
  2. beanDude

    Barry's Busting Out All Over! (569)

    Barry is a really fun character, the only thing I wish they had him do less was his "I'm gonna fine you!" line. Obviously its a reference to what the Pearl/Diamond rival says in the games, but there, its just something that he says a couple of times at the beginning of the game. In his first...
  3. beanDude

    Team Rocket Interrupting Gym Battles

    Okay I'll defend the Johto seasons to my dying breath but I will admit that if this happened it would have completely ruined everything.
  4. beanDude

    Island of Giant Pokémon! (017)

    I always just assumed that was Koffing and Ekans' opinion, not that they're stating a fact.
  5. beanDude

    Island of Giant Pokémon! (017)

    The scene where Giovanni hangs up on Jessie and James is easily one of their funniest interactions with him ever. Jessie: "Well, I suppose we'll have to get off this island ourselves." James: "The phone didn't help." James is comedy gold. He states the obvious in a completely dry manner that...
  6. beanDude

    Lights, Camera, Quacktion! (071)

    "Proving once again that the ones with the best special effects always win!" James always has the best lines.
  7. beanDude

    Gen III is the best Pokemon Generation

    I would say Gen 3 and 4 are equally the best in my opinion, both the original games and the remakes. I will say though the one thing that disappointed me when Gen 4 came out is how Sinnoh didn't have a giant sea to explore.
  8. beanDude

    Things that grind your gears!

    I've actually never played Emerald so I don't know, I always assumed that Gen 4 was where they decided to change it so the Running Shoes work everywhere. This was something I immediately noticed right when Pearl and Diamond came out. I remember running laps around the Sandgem Pokemon Center in...
  9. beanDude

    Things that grind your gears!

    I know this is the biggest nitpick ever but since I was a kid I hated hated HATED the fact that in Ruby/Sapphire the Running Shoes are disabled indoors. Maybe they were doing this for immersion since one would not be running at full speed in some of those settings in real life but COME ON THIS...
  10. beanDude

    Gen III is the best Pokemon Generation

    I think FireRed/LeafGreen were the most important remakes in the whole Pokemon series. I can't emphasize enough how great it is to have the option to play through the first ever Pokemon quest with more balance and mechanics fixed and working as intended. Don't get me wrong, I still have a blast...
  11. beanDude

    The Rivalry Revival! (118)

    Perfect stuff. This might be the best "send-off" episode ever. Pikachu and Eevee battling is an obvious homage to Yellow Version, Gary is quite different than the last time he was seen. The way he treats Eevee after the battle and talks to it, it becomes a little more clear why he easily won 10...
  12. beanDude

    Would the Pokémon anime still be sucessful if Ash had been replaced after Kanto?

    Yes, that's like if before they came out, saying the Star Wars prequels wouldn't make money since they didn't have Luke Skywalker.
  13. beanDude

    Fire & Ice! (078)

    Really REALLY REALLY underrated episode. I know only parts of each of the two battles were shown, but every second of this episode is just pure bliss. The tension of whether or not Ash would win his first battle was broken, now it's time to see how he handles his newfound success and being in...
  14. beanDude

    Gotta Catch Ya Later! (275)

    Oh man. This episode was DEPRESSING. ...but in a good way. All things must come to an end, and I'm glad Master Quest delivered on that before moving on to getting the next series going. The last few Master Quest episodes before Hoenn Alone did a great job at feeling like the end of an era and...
  15. beanDude

    Sweet Baby James (424)

    When I reached the point where the dub changed studios, I was nearly ready to give up and quit watching. This episode was so good that it made me want to stick it out and see if the quality of the dub got better. This episode is great in many ways, but I think the most underrated thing about it...
  16. beanDude

    Favorite moments in the anime?

    This, right here, is a true fan of the Pokemon anime. Every second of every episode is glorious. ...at least having only watched about half of it so far. I am finally giving Black/White a shot. If Sun/Moon/Journeys is actually good, I will make sure to come back and disagree with my past self.
  17. beanDude

    Holy Matrimony! (048)

    This was the episode that got me hooked long-term on the show. This is easily in my top 10 of all time. Not only did it provide the first glimpse at the backstory of any of the three Team Rocket characters, but it featured a lot of rather serious subject matter in exactly the right kind of way...
  18. beanDude

    Unpopular opinions on the male protagonists?

    I never understood how anyone couldn't like Tracey. He's the type of guy you could go anywhere with and he wouldn't complain about anything and just be fun to have around. Just because he focuses more on studying Pokemon than competing with them doesn't make him a bad character.
  19. beanDude

    Team Rocket Interrupting Gym Battles

    So in Pokemon's early episodes, it's a common occurrence for Team Rocket to enter the scene in the middle of a Gym Battle and derail the plot into something else. While quite a few interesting things are done with this concept, by the end of Kanto, I felt like this trend was getting tired and...
  20. beanDude

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    SEGA was legitimately as good as Nintendo in the 90's. Obviously Sonic was their golden boy but they had SO MANY great games just on the Genesis alone. There are things they did back then that I've never seen another publisher nail the feel of. Ristar is one of my all time favorite games...