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  1. Atari

    日本音楽部 [Japanese Music Club]

    (credit to Twidragon) 日本音楽部へよこそう!! (Welcome to the Japanese Music Club!) I've noticed there are several members of SPPf who like to listen to J-Rock, J-Pop, etc, but there was no club for them to congregate in. Hopefully now everyone who listens to Japanese music day and night like me will...
  2. Atari

    .:|Request Shack.

    Welcome to: BlazikenTyphlosion and Mina the Lugia Lover's Request Shack. Current Status: OPEN AGAIN. Rules: 1.) All SPPf rules and Art Request Rules apply. 2.) Use the forms provided. If you fail to do so, your request will be ignored. 3.) No posting anything besides request-related. - This...
  3. Atari

    BlazikenTyphlosion and Mina the Lugia Luver's Misc. Request Shack

    BlazikenTyphlosion, Mina the Lugia Luver's and [HakuBlue's] Misc. Request Shack New Request Art Forum Rules. (Read Them.) What ~*SeijisSeviper*~ does: Trainer Cards Banners - Closed Recolor Trainer Recolor Alone Anti Pokemon I'll probably get the hang of making...
  4. Atari

    SPPF Superlative Manga Voting Thread

    Approved by Brinstar on March 23, 2006 Hello everyone, and welcome to the SPPf Superlative Manga Voting Thread. Here is the one place you may freely post your favorite manga from a selection of different genres, including: Best comedy Best romance/fantasy (Shoujo) Best...
  5. Atari

    [Official SPPF] Need for Speed Most Wanted Club

    PsiUmbreon approved. If you've been looking for a central plaza to discuss and talk about the game at SPPF, look no further! Here you may tell stories of your most intence police chaces, talk about the cars and upgrades available, and talk about the Challenge Series [plus other stuff]. Most...
  6. Atari

    .:Pokemon Name Game:.

    Approved by PsiUmbreon. Here's how the game works: The poster below me takes the first letter of my username and name a pokemon starting with the same letter. They then would give it a name. The next poster will do the same thing, and so on and so on. To simplify it, here's an example -...
  7. Atari

    Elite Four's Most Annoying Pokemon

    Who in your opinian in the Elite Four owns the most annoying pokemon? I'd have to say it's Gary's Tyranitar because of it's sandstream ability. It always lower's my pokemon's HP and it's sort of hard to beat without a good water attack. List the pokemon who cause your annoyence attacks here and...
  8. Atari

    BlzknTyphlosion's Request Shack

    BlzknTyphlosion's Request Shack What I do- Antipokemon - 1 2 Recolors - 1 2 3 My Trainer Cards - .:This Trainer Card was taken from thread:. Mina's Trainer Cards - Mina's New Secret Bases - Secret Base Example ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In description: Antipokemon...