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    this is random, but Cloyster

    what would it look like in the anime after using Shell Smash? cilans Crustle used it and it was actually out of a shell.
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    Rental pokemon

    so, were the rental pokemon in these games EV trained? did EV training even exist in gen 1? i would have no idea, i played the RBY games, but never got into it competitively. (I was like, 8)
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    Offensive Sun

    I've finally acquired everything i wanted for my sun team, and i wanted to know what my fellow SPPF'ers thought of it. The team is as follows, and would be meant for the VGC's, which is why Blaziken will be included. Of course, if i were to battle someone with Smogon tiering, than it'd be...
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    Pledge Moves

    How competitively viable does everyone think these moves are? They have really neat effects, but so little distribution. only starters can learn them, which i think is a bit too exclusive. Anyways, Water + Fire Pledge doubles secondary effects for your team, essentially giving your entire team...
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    Promblematic's with Wifi Club

    Does anyone else think it sucks half the time when you're trying to trade or battle? or am i the only one?
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    Any cool peeps on facebook? That's all i'm wondering.
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    Unreleased DW Pokemon

    Not sure if there's a thread like this already, but i was just thinking about a few mons. For example Breloom with Technician, it's Mach Punch would be just as powerful as Scizor's Bullet Punch. It would get Force Palm or Low Sweep, each having their own uses boosted by technician. Maybe even a...
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    So Sheer Force Darmanitan is epic. especially in sun with a choice scarf. i was just wondering if there was any way to make Zen Mode remotely usable. Maybe with Lefties and Substitute? Fire Blast, Psychic. I don't know, just an idea. i never see them competitively. probably for a good reason
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    Rayquaza with V-create?

    this Rayquaza giveaway. if we get it in america, how good will that be in Ubers (assuming you're lucky enough to get a good nature, like i was with Victini ADAMANT FTW)? i hope we get that here anyways.
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    Gravity never let me down.

    This team is kind of a prototype. But i want as many suggestions as you guys can throw at me. this team was made for triples, but i imagine it'd work well in singles and doubles as well. Dusclops@Eviolite Pressure Impish -Night Shade -Will-o-wisp -Protect -Gravityyyyy...
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    Unconventional field effects: good or gimmick

    Everyone knows Trick Room. but much less common field effects such as Wonder Room, Magic Room, and even Gravity seem to be far less common. Wonder Room swaps the Defense of all pokemon on the field with their SpDefense. Magic Room stops Items. Gravity does a whole lot of stuff, from...
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    competitive sandstorm team

    Sandstorm: -causes 1/16th opponents HP/turn -Rock-type Sp.Def*1.5 -Sand Rush Speed*2 -Sand Veil Evasion*1.2(?) ________________________ Hippowdon @ Rocky Helmet/Sitrus Berry Sandstream Careful 252hp -Stealth Rock -Roar -Earthquake -Fire Fang Hippowdon mainly to bring in sandstorm and SR. Roar...