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    [ORAS OU] Meteor Masher Takes the Stage

    Introduction Hello and welcome to my first RMT in a while. For those of you that know me, you'll know that I returned to Competitive Pokemon at the release of ORAS after being on hiatus for the second half of XY. You also may know that I've gotten a bit better, or people in general have gotten...
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    Mega Lucario and the Mystery of Standard

    Introduction Just a quick intro, I guess. I'm not very good a this game at all, to start with. Of course I heard that Mega Lucario was good, but I decided that I wanted to mess around with it a bit for myself. The result is this team, and me deciding that Mega Lucario is fun to use...
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    Hello, and welcome to the Double Elimination STABmons tournament! This tier was more or less made up yesterday by some guy on smogon, and when Contrail found it, we had to make a tournament for this tier. So without further ado, let me explain the tier. STABmons is more or less the same as...
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    Mythical Magesties

    Introduction Hello, I am goomi123. I am the head honcho of the Mythical Magesties Clan. Here, we encourage excellent battling, tutoring, art, and above all, friendship. We feel that great battling starts with great friends egging you on to try your hardest, and that, is how a great battler is...
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    my first, well, real time building a team

    hi guys! my name is goomi123, but you can call me soulless. the other day i was on PO and i battled this guy, and he used the old gen4 baton pass glister with rock polish and swords dance, then switched in to a metagross and killed me. i thought it was cool, and asked if i could copy it. he said...
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    im new

    hey! im goomi, the bass royal! i like snorlax, and most offensive tanks. non pokemon, i like naruto and air gear.