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    What if Game Freak increased the BST of some old mons...

    So, all this talk about 'power creep' that I've been hearing again over the past few weeks got me thinking. When Gen VI comes, there's a guarantee there'll be some fantastic new pokemon that will reduce an exisiting pokemon's viability. Or maybe the power of these new mons would put some walls...
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    Dabbling With NU (NU RMT, obv)

    Dabbling With NU Hello all. It's me again, your favourite pokemon-playing Ninja, here, not to save the world as usual, but rather to share with you my latest team. Like many of my teams recently, it comes from the deepest, darkest depths of the lower tiers, this time sinking yet further...
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    Ninja Offence (RU) Peaked #133

    Ninja Offence (RU) Peaked #104 Greetings! Salutations! Yes, once again it's me, your friendly neighbourhood Ninja back with another RMT from the much-beloved RU tier. You probably have noticed the banner for this RMT, this was a way of advertising Triple Z's upcoming art shop (I have to do...
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    RUn in fear (RU RMT)

    Whaddup, peasants? Yes, it's me, your benevolent overlord, Ninja Dewott. This is my first RMT in a tier lower than OU (a bit like how you guys are in a lower tier of awesomeness to me) and it came about due to a Clan Tournament. ;079; <--- Random Slowpoke Anyway, we decided to an RU...
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    Attack Of The Killer Camels

    Yes, this thread title is perfectly serious. This. Is a camel. (If it does not appear, then you are not awesome enough) Do not be decieved by it's derpish appearence, this thing is a relentless killing machine. It also likes sand. And they are the two main themes of my team. Kind of...
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    The Ninja Leauge

    Welcome, Challenger, to: Here, you shall embark on a journey. A journey riddled with challenges and difficulties. You shall be tested. Tested to the very limit of your mind and body. Not all overcome the challenges and the test, but those few, those select, special few that do, can...
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    Ninja Dewott's Team of Pure Awesomness!!!

    Warning! The following RMT contains high levels of awesomeness. For your own safety you are advised to wear protective eye-gear such as sunglasses or ski goggles. Ninja Dewott cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your eyes! You have been warned! You've not put sunglasses on...
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    Subway Single Synergy!!!!

    Okely dokely, here's by proposed battle subway team. I didn't want to go down the weather route, because that's boring, so I made a synergy team! Yay! So, without further ado: ;212; ;212; ;212; Scizor @ Life Orb Ability: Technician Nature: Adamant EV's: 252 Att, 156 HP, 100 Speed Moves: -...
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    Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's a Ninja Dewott!

    Hi, guys. I'm ninja dewott, not a bird nor a plane. I'm a decent competetive battler who has tried (and failed) to make dewott usable competetively. Despite that, he is still the best pokemon ever. I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay! :)